TapRoot Farms / CSA Offering 2020

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2020 CSA Food Box Offering

January 8th - December 23rd 

51 Weeks

See details on each of the share options down below


One Box: Vegetables & Fruit $26/week 

Meat Share $35/week


To register, go to our sign up page.  To learn more about TapRoot Farms, visit our main page.


TapRoot Farm: 451 Canard Street 8 AM – until you pickup 
Noggins Greenwich: 10009 Hwy #1, 9 AM - Friday at 5 PM 
Dinah's Sourdough:  3540 Novalea Drive, Halifax 12PM -4 PM
Noggins @ Seaport: 1209 Marginal Rd. Halifax 12PM –5PM 
The Loop: 1557 Barrington Street Halifax 12 PM – 6 PM
Noggins Sante Centre: 50 Martin Drive, Hammonds Plains 12PM – 7:00PM 
Noggins Alderney Gate Market: 2 Octerloney Street 12PM - 7 PM 
METRO - Home Delivery - within a 15 minute radius of Seaport Farmers Market. 9AM - 4PM
Home Deliveries: Within a 15 minute radius of farm. 8AM - 5PM 



To see a listing of what we have available from the farm, click here

Vegetable & Fruit  ($26/week) 

  • This is the first year to offer one share option of vegetables and fruit. For the winter you can expect beets, potatoes, onions, pea shoots, cabbages, leeks, parsnips and other veggies. For fruit it will be apples, pears, jams, frozen fruit like blueberries and raspberries. The fruit will be from Noggins Corner Farm and is not certified organic. 

Meat Share ($35) 

  • The share contains a selection each week made up of  chicken (whole and parts (thighs, breast, wings, drums)), pork (ground, bacon, sausage, steak, roast, chops), beef (roast, ground, steak), goat (pieces/chunks).
  • All meat is frozen. We get our meat butchered regularly throughout the year at a local butcher in Gaspereau. Meat is immediately frozen to ensure it stays as fresh as possible until it makes it's way to your home. 

AddOn's  (weekly) 

Each week you will have the opportunity to add additional items to your food box delivery by logging into your account and selecting what you would like to have delivered. When we have eggs we will include them on the add on list. We strive to provide an offering to make it easy for you to eat locally, direct from the farm. We also strive to include products from other local food producers to make them available to you. Suggestions for items you would like to have access to are welcomed.