TapRoot Farms / Membership Guide

TapRoot Farms CSA Membership Guide

Everything you need to know, we hope.


All of our registration is done through our website: http://taproot.harvesthand.com/shares/register


HarvestHand and TapRoot Farms

Your HarvestHand account is the account that you create when you become a shareholder at TapRoot Farms.  It is important that you know how to use it, as it helps manage your CSA member account, including:

Here's a screenshot showing how to log in:

registering at Taproot Farms for CSA in Annapolis Valley

  • It is advised that you use your email address as your username.  This makes it harder to forget!  If you want to change your username and/or password, you can do so under "Update Account"
  • If you remember your username but not your password, it can be retrieved by typing in your username and clicking "Lost Password? Reset it
  • If you have forgotten your username, please email us to retrieve it

Membership Agreement - click to view


You will receive one invoice with your total amount owing. This hugely simplifies our bookkeeping. If you would like to pay monthly for your shares, simply divide the total amount owing on your invoice by the number of months you will be paying over. 

We ask that our CSA members ensure payments are being made in a timely manner and that their balance is paid off as early as possible as part of their commitment to the farm. 

  • Monthly payments should be made prior to receiving shares. E.g. Payment for June shares should be received by June 1st.
  • Add-ons should be paid for the week they are purchased.

How to make a payment via your HarvestHand account:

Payment types we accept:

1) RBC customers; you can add TapRoot Farms to your list of bills and pay directly from your account.

2) Email transfers to our bookkeeper (info@taprootfarms.ca). This is our favourite form of payment because we don't have to pay any fees :) Please include a message with your name and customer number so we can properly credit your account. Use the password taproot

3) Cheque or cash in a clearly marked envelope (with your name) given directly to the delivery driver. (Please do not give payments to the host at your delivery location--they are not responsible for payments.) You can mail cheques to us at: TapRoot Farms  1736 Church Street  Port Williams, NS  B0P 1T0

4) PayPal payments are great, too, but we do have to pay them a percentage of each payment that goes through. Please remember to include in your message your name and customer number. 


CSA Payments General Info:

Pick Up

Our TapRoot van will deliver your CSA share to the pickup location. Your produce arrives in a box. This box is reused as many times as possible before going into the compost. Please bring along your own bag or box and leave the TapRoot box for us to bring back to the farm. You may take the box home with you but please bring it back the following week. Here's a video that shows a quick demo of how to fold down the boxes.

Here's the full list of all the CSA locations we deliver to.

Pickup from the TapRoot Team:

A TapRoot staff member will be at the delivery location to distribute your share and check you off the list. You just need to show up within the allotted time frame with your returned share box and a smile! 

You are welcome to bring payment by cash or cheque to these locations. Please give your payment directly to the driver.

Self-Serve Locations:

1. You will need to find your share and check yourself off the list.

2. Double check that you have all of the correct shares and any add-ons.

3. Leave any returned boxes folded flat and any other items left neatly. Please be mindful not to leave any litter--veggie or otherwise.

There is a host at every self-serve location. The host is a volunteer and not a TapRoot staff member. These folks are generous with their space and time but they do not know any details about your account or any other farm business. Please contact us if you need anything--do not call the locations.

How to identify your TapRoot Share:

  • If you are unsure, look inside the box to see if it is fruit or vegetables.
  • Double check to ensure you have the correct meat share--Full Monty and meat shares are different.
  • Please do not take any items out of boxes, as someone else will miss out!

How to check yourself off the list:

At each delivery location, there is a list that looks like the one below.  Your name will be on the list for the location you are registered for.  Only the required shares are dropped off at each location, so please double-check your shares, If you take the wrong share it means that someone else is missing theirs. 

If someone else is picking up your share, it is important that you make sure they know the name your account is under and the hours and location of the pickup.  

TapRoot share - organic CSA in Annapolis Valley

CSA Member Pickup Etiquette

  • Please fold down your share box and return your boxes as soon as possible. 
  • Make sure your boxes are stacked neatly in the space provided.
  • Please be courteous & friendly to the TapRoot team member and/or hosts, and other CSA members at the location.
  • If something is missing at your pickup, please let us know. If you are picking up from a TapRoot team member, let them know. If you pick up at a self-serve location, email us at: csa@taprootfarms.ca

Missed Pickups

Missed pickups are donated. We're sorry, we just don't have the capacity to accommodate requests to change delivery locations week-by-week. If you are unable to pick up your share, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up in your place.

Where do shares get donated?

Click here to see all the great places we support!

Weather Events: What happens?

In the event of a winter storm, we will be watching the weather reports all morning and try to make a decision about deliveries as early as possible. Bottom line: we don't want anyone to venture out if it is not safe. We will send an email to the same email account where you receive the weekly newsletter, and also post to our Facebook page and our website. Later in the day, we will post about your rescheduled pickup.

Please keep in mind that when rescheduling, we experience a higher volumes of emails. Because it is often an "all hands on deck" time at the farm, it is harder for us to respond to all of them. DO let us know if you need accommodation with the changed schedule and we will, as always, do our best!  :)

"What if something in my share is spoiled?" TapRoot's Bad Apple Policy

Rarely (and we hope never!) you may find something in your box that is not up to par as far as quality goes. If you do, we ask that you immediately take a picture of the culprit and email it to: csa@taprootfarms.ca with your name, delivery location, with the subject heading “Bad Apple.” The following week of delivery, we will send a replacement (of the same item, or something of equivalent value).

We need to know right away if there is a quality issue so that we can correct it as soon as possible. Bad Apple requests can only be honoured within the week that they happen. We thank you for your help in keeping our quality up to standard!

"What if something in my share is missing?"

Occasionally it does happen that something is missing from your share box. Items on the list may change from day-to-day, depending on harvest and availability. If something is missing from your share, please email and let us know right away: csa@taprootfarms.ca. Generally, we will send along the missing item the following week, and you will need to collect it along with your share box for the week.

Purchasing Additional Products ("Add-Ons")

Add-Ons are additional items from the farm and other local producers that you can order to be delivered with your share. There are things like: maple syrup, honey, camelina oil, apple cider vinegar, fresh and preserved vegetables and fruits, shares, and much more. During harvest season we often offer bulk buying options like cucumbers and tomatoes. View the list each week to see what is available.

How to: click here for a lesson on Purchasing Add-Ons through Harvest Hand

Deadline for ordering Add-Ons:

You can order add-ons 24 hours before your delivery day. 

When are share contents posted?

We know that it is really helpful for a lot of you to know what will be coming in the shares ahead of getting them, so you can plan meals and supplement at the market on the weekends.  So, we make sure share contents are posted each Friday evening for the week following. 


We want to be accessible. You will receive updates in our weekly email newsletter (http://taproot.harvesthand.com/newsletter). We also post regularly on our Facebook page.

Our emails on the farm:

csa@taprootfarms.ca - For all CSA general inquiries, bad apple reports, recipe sharing, feedback, and suggestions. All things CSA please send them to us here here.
info@taprootfarms.ca - Send email money transfers here. 

Your role communicating in the CSA

1) It is very important that you review the weekly newsletter for important information. If you are not receiving the newsletter, please let us know.

2) If you email or send a payment under a different name than your account is under, please be sure to let us know what account the email or payment is referring to. Otherwise, we can't credit your account! Some things you can do to make this simple:

  • If there is more than one person in your household who does pickups, consider adding both names to the account.  This is done under the "Update Account" function when you are logged in to your HarvestHand account. The only name that will show up on the list is the first one (not the secondary contact), so if you want to have both names on the account and the last names are different, you can put: Jane and John, Black and White.
  • If someone is picking up your share in your place, please make sure they know which name (first AND last) the account is under.
  • If you have a maiden name and married name and your accounts are under both (i.e. Paypal) consider adding both names to your HarvestHand account, even if you don't usually go by both.

Cancelling your CSA shares

If you change your mind and you don't like being a part of the CSA or if it just isn't working for your family, you have a couple of options:

    1) Ask a friend, coworker, or family member if they are interested in taking over your membership for the balance of the year.
    2) Consider donating it to a family in need.

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