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Things are blooming!

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Flower Shares have begun arriving at your regular pick up location. If your pick up location is self-serve, your flowers will be in a labelled white bucket. Each bouquet (like your vegetable, meat or fruit shares) will be quite similar.

Valarie and I have faced a few obstacles in these beginning weeks, including squished flowers, a missed delivery and the need to “scrounge” a few things. It is a fun challenge to find enough resources on the farm to make 60 relatively similar shares, each containing various blooms or vegetation. Our flower “crops” will explode to life very soon - thousands of plants, dozens of species, and multiple varieties of many of them.

Your shares are cut the morning of your delivery day, or late Friday evening for Saturday deliveries. The flowers are cut, put in warm water, arranged, and conditioned in our coolers. Our hope is that your flowers last a very long time. But, like fruit or vegetables, cut flowers have a shelf life. Some last a surprisingly long time in a vase, others wilt or drop petals more quickly - some notoriously quickly. Which is why, for example, we didn’t send any of the million lupins/lupines your way.


Tips for Cut Flowers

  • Remove elastic bands.
  • Snip an angled bit off stem bottoms each time you change the water.
  • Changing the water every couple of days is helpful.
  • Direct sunlight is not ideal for cut flowers.
  • Remove any lower leaves or flowers that may rest in water.
  • Trim, remove, or replace spent flowers from bouquet.


Sounds like a bit of work, but really not.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the flower shares, or have any other flower needs. tim@taprootfarms.ca