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Farm Stay at Swallows Nest

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Dear Friends of Taproot Farms… 

It’s that time of year again when we seek to share our farm with others through a farm stay at Swallow’s Nest.  Some of you have already had a stay and others plan to come this year.  Others haven’t stayed overnight yet - but have visited Swallow’s Nest during open-farm days or for other events. 

There are still weeks/days open during the summer and fall months that we would like to fill.  Over the next few weeks we invite you to help us promote Swallow’s Nest.  A full rental season would be a great help to our bottom-line. That's never a bad thing in the marginal world of farming!

An easy way to help us fill these weeks is to visit the 5 web locations where our farm stay is being promoted.  From there, you can easily choose to Like/Share/Comment on facebook.  If you have stayed with us, we would love you to write a review.

Links are provided below.  With your help we can create a “farm-stay buzz” that will help more families have a great vacation while learning about sustainable family farming. 

Thanks for considering this request to be involved in a very helpful way!  


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