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Aww... Comments like this make all the hard work SO worth it!

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Once again, I want to say how much we are enjoying the CSA. We are a Saturday pickup and I spend most of Saturday afternoon washing, packaging, cooking, deciding when we are going to eat what etc. We are trying really hard not to waste anything… I never like wasting food but when I had to throw out almost a whole head of lettuce one week because I had been sick and not eating, I felt as if I were wasting all the time and effort all the people at Taproot put into making sure we have fresh food every week.

And what an abundance this week! Let me tell you what I did with our box: bok choy, broccoli and sugar snap peas went into a chicken stir fry, along with some garlic. The carrots and some of the green onion made their way into my weekly carrot recipe for The Community Carrot Co-op. Apple pie and cherry galette (which is an easy way to impress people) were the highlight of a family dessert and coffee evening. Zucchini bread went into the freezer. Lettuce washed and packaged for easy salad makings. Raspberries, blueberries and cherries also made their way into my morning cereal or lunch time salad.

Thank you so much! 
Catherine and Dennis

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