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Feedback about the egg shortage

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So, this is why I love our members!  I sent out a notice Sunday morning about the egg shortage in the CSA.  I didn't get a single upset email back.  This is what I DID get:

"Thanks Teri. This is part of what we signed up for with a CSA - that we would get a 'share' of the crop, not a guaranteed number every week. I have a suggestion - to keep members from grumbling - next time you have an abundance of eggs, include a few extra. That will reinforce the idea of a 'share' rather than a quantity.

We're loving everything - thanks again."

Sounds fine! :)"


"Thanks for letting us know!I'll curb our egg usage slightly. Down to only half a doz to last until Tues!! Mmmmmmm eggs!"

"Hi Teri, we currently have enough eggs for the next week or so, so feel free to distribute our 1/2 among other shares for this coming week (if that's helpful).

"No problem!  Thanks for the heads up :-)  We all share in the wealth & shortages so absolutely no hard feelings here."
"Hi Teri
If it helps you out at all, I don't mind giving up my share for the weeks that you are impacted.
I don't need anything extra or a reduction in fees. We all get more than our dollar value this time of year."
"No worries!"

"If it helps at all you can give our egg shares for the next two weeks to other CSA members."


YOU GUYS ROCK!!  Thanks for being great.



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