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Monthly Update - June, 2015

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The summer-like weather has arrived and TapRoot's flax is growing well. Every week, I walk to the flax field and check on its progress. 
We have been working on creating a knittable yarn out of flax tow. I tried hand spinning a 50/50 blend to see how the flax tow would spin once blended with wool. Patricia, Justine, and I traveled to Yarmouth to visited Yarnsmith Fibre Works Inc. Paula, the mill's owner, was kind enough to run some tow through her equipment. 

We started off by putting the tow through the separator. Then we put the tow through the carder to produce a 75% (flax)/25% (wool) and 50/50 blend. We ran the 75/25 blend through the spinning machine to produce 27 grams of yarn!  We are excited to visit Paula again later this month. We want experiment creating a 100% flax tow yarn with her experiment. To prepare our next visit, I have been processing flax manually. 

We hosted an informative gathering to share what we have been up too with our advisory board members and other interested people. We had some presentations, a wonderful lunch, a tour of the flax, and to conclude our evening we had a private documentary screening.

Have a safe and fun July,


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