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Gift Certificates - TapRoot Giving.

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

This year we have decided to try something new - TapRoot Gifts (gift certificates)

We are offering gift certificates that anyone can purchase to give to a family member. The gift certificates can go toward a CSA (community shared agriculture) membership with TapRoot or towards the purchase of add-on's for members of the CSA. 

We are excited to try this. The purchase of the gift certificate is considered a share purchase and if you are new to TapRoot you will be asked to make an account. The account you create will allow us to get all of the information we need to mail you the certificates.  

Happy Giving!  Learn More: http://taprootfarms.ca/shares/register

With peace and love and delicious food in mind,


Below are my baby nieces: Elsie and Katie. They were helping me in the office this morning - pears and a rocking chair. 

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