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Meat share week 34

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TapRoot Meat shares

Week 34 November 23-29


Meat Shares:

2 pkgs Chicken Thighs (2/pack) 2 packs x 1.48lbs @ $6.00/lb ($17.76 value)


Monty meat shares

2 pkgs Chicken Thighs (2/pack) 2 packs x 1.48lbs @ $6.00/lb ($17.76)

1 pk chicken drumsticks (2/pk) .99lbs @$6.00/lb ($5.94)

($23.70 value)


Notes from the barn yard:

It's a windy and rainy day on the farm today. On days like this Nathan goes around to the outdoor animals to see if they need anything extra, like bedding, to have a comfortable place to lay down. The new batch of organic laying hens have started laying, but only about 3 eggs a day. In a few weeks the rest should be laying and our egg shortage should be over. 


Make this one pan Lemon Butter Chicken this week with your thighs and drumsticks. 

Don't forget that you can make a great chicken stock from the bones from chicken pieces as well. Throw in the bones with some whole pepper corns, and some wilty veggies all in a slow cooker (or a stock put) and fill it up with water. After a few hours to a day of boiling away, drain out the chicken and veggies, and you have beautiful homemade chicken stock. Here is a link if you want a little more direction.

If you have any question, comments, or concerns about your meat share please don't hesitate to e-mail me at justine@taprootfarms.ca.


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