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Week 38 Meat shares

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Meat share:

Whole chicken $25 value

Monty Meat Share:

1 pack boneless rabbit pieces $12 value

1 pack chicken thighs 1.48lbs average @ $6/lb $8.88 value

Tails from the barnyard:

It was a wonderful Christmas for all. Of course daily animal chores continued as normal, however there was still time in between chores to spend time with friends and family throughout the holidays.

Last week there were several new arrivals to the farm. A guilt farrowed. A guilt is a female pig before she has babies, farrowing is the term used for the parturition of swine. The guilt previously mentioned is now called a sow. This new sow has seven cute piglets, who are all absolutely adorable and doing well. They have a heat lamb in a corner of their stall to snuggle up under if they get chilly.


On New Years Eve two pigs and a buck rabbit decided to have a little party of their own. When Tim came to the barn early on the 1st of January he discovered that two pigs had escaped from their pen, and were helping themselves to a bucket of eggs that they has knocked over. There was also an escaped buck rabbit who was scampering about the barn freely. Soon enough they were all back in their pens, no worse for the wear. 

After the pea shoots have been harvested we bring the trays of soil, roots, and shoot ends to the pigs to eat. I asked why the pigs weren't eating them right now and Nathan told me it was because it was the pigs nap time. We went inside and sure enough there were the pigs all nestled down together having a nap.


This roasted chicken looks delicious and easy. 

Dutch Oven Grecian Chicken

Chimichurri Chicken Thighs 

Chimichurri sauce is so fresh and so flavourful. We will be making this fur sure this week. I froze a lot of parsley this fall and it worked really great. I just washed the herbs, took them off their stocks and put them into plastic bags. It has kept its flavour really well. I also froze basil, dill, and cilantro with great success. 

I haven't been able to find any recipes using boneless rabbit pieces, I suppose it's not something traditionally done with rabbit. Let us know how you are using your rabbit pieces, send along a picture too, and we will share it with the other members.


Have a great week,

Justine and all the Animal Team

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