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Week 39 Meat share

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Meat share:

1 pack Sausages $8.5/pack


Chicken wings or ham steak or deli ham or bacon $9-12 value

($17.50- $20.50 value)

Monty Meat Share:

Bone-in Chicken Breast $9/lb average weight 2.46lbs ($22.14 value)

Tails from the barnyard:

We got a new poop shovel! The old one was just too worn out, all the scraping on the floor of a pen really takes a toll on a shovel. With the new shovel the pens can be cleaned out with greater ease and speed. 


We brought 13 pigs into the butcher in the last two weeks, and there are about 6 more that will be ready soon. You can look forward to more pork in your shares from now on.  


Italian-Style Shepherds Pie: This shepherds pie is made with sausages, potatoes, fresh herbs, and tomatoes. Yumm.


Have a great week,

Justine and the Animal Team

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