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Week 40 meat share

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Meat share:

1 pack chicken thighs average weight 1.21lbs @ $6.5/lb ($7.86)

1 pack pork chops 2/pack @ $9.50/pack ($9.50)

($17.36 value)

Monty Meat Share:

1 pack Chicken drum sticks $6/lb avarage weight 0.8lbs/pack ($4.80)

1 lb ground pork ($6.50)

($11.30 value)

Tales from the barnyard:

We took a beef in on Monday to the butcher. It will hang, or dry aged, for two weeks before it cut up. Hanging has a few different purposes; it allows the natural enzymes to break down the tissue making it more tender and it drys out the meat concentrating the flavor.

One of the concerns we had before we installed the water lines was how to keep the water lines from freezing. So far this winter we have only had the lines freeze once. That was on a particularly cold and windy night and some of the doors were inadvertently left open. However, once the doors were closed, it only took a couple hours for the lines to thaw again. It is amazing how much heat farm animals produce. Most of time the barn stays between 4-8 degrees celsius, even when it is -15 degrees outside. We have found that as long as we are attentive at opening the doors in the morning and closing them at night then we can keep the barn above the freezing point. (The doors being the openings for the pigs, hens, and cattle to go through to have access to the out doors.)


Easy ground pork stir-fry:

Maple-Black Pepper Pork Chops: These pork chops are a go to recipe at our house.

Have a great week,

Justine and the Animal Team

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