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Week 41 Meat shares

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Week 41 Meat shares

Meat share:

1 pack Chicken breast (2/pack) $22.14

1 pack Chicken thigh (2/pack) or 1 pk chicken drumsticks (2/pack) $4.80

($26.94 value)

Monty Meat Share:

1 pack pork chops (2/pack) $9.50

1 stewing hen $9.00

1 pack chicken drumstick $4.80

($23.30 value)

Please note this week the value of the shares are larger because of a mix up from last week when the values were a little under what we wanted them to be. We will be back to normal next week.

As I dropped Nathan off to do chores on Saturday, Josh had just been by with a bin of apples for the pigs and cattle, and they were chowing down very happily. I couldn't help but snap a picture of them all sharing the space together.


Tales from the barnyard:

This morning when Nathan arrived at the barn, he was delighted to find that Orena and Blackie had both farrowed (gave birth) just a few hours earlier. We now have 24 piglets who seem to be doing very well. The piglets have a heat lamp to go under for extra warmth, when they are not nursing.

The whole chicken in the full monty meat share is a stewing hen. These hens need a slow and low approach to cooking them, if you do this you will be rewarded with the most flavourful and tender meat. Great for stews, soups, pot pies, coq au vin (see recipe below), etc.


Coq au vin, is a recipe for an older rooster (coq) or hen, who since they have used their muscles so much more have gotten tough and need a longer cooking time to make those muscles tender.


Thanks and have a great week!

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