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Locally Made Fruit Leather Variety Pack

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Locally made with Annapolis Valley fruit and organic cane sugar, we now have Fruit Leather from The Humble Burdock Farm available to our members! What started out as a hobby and search for healthy snacking options has turned into a customer favourite for Amanda and her team at The Humble Burdock in Steam Mill, Nova Scotia. Each variety pack comes with a 1.75 oz package of the following flavours;

Berry Blend (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry) Blueberry Lemon (Lemon rind & lemon juice) Strawberry Lemon (Lemon rind & Lemon juice) Raspberry

Besides being locally made and delicious, fruit leather is also a very convenient snack with a long (6 month) shelf life, and doesn't require refrigeration until the hot summer weather rolls in. Due to her busy schedule on the farm, Amanda doesn't produce fruit leather from May-November so we'll have for as long as we can but once she's out, you'll have to wait until November! Fair warning. :)

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