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New Waste Management Program at Taproots!

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In 2008 the average Canadian was producing 777 kg (1712 lbs) of waste per year. That's the size of a Holstein cow! Although Nova Scotian's are well under the national average, we are still producing roughly 378 kg (833 lbs) of waste per person a year. That works out to be about 1.03 kg or 2.2 lbs of waste a day, and people working on farms are no exception to that rule.Many of you may or may not know that Nova Scotia currently has one of the best waste management programs in the country. Why not use our curbside pick up and recycling and refundable programs? It's a great way for us here at Taproots to keep our waste disposal in line with our lifestyle and farming practices to limit or eliminate damaging practices to the environment.


If you think about items that would create waste in almost any job, they are likely to happen here as well. Coffee cups, water bottles, candy wrappers, ziploc bags, we have it all! This is where I come in! My name is Alyson, and I'm one of the newer additions to Taproot Farms. I was hired on as the Resource Management Intern in early August, and I'm very excited to be here! I am from Nova Scotia originally, but have lived in various cities all over the country. I'm happy to be putting my education and experience to the test in developing a successful Waste Management Program (WMP) for Taproots! I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the program, and will be giving everyone updates from time to time!


So let's talk about the program! Our initial goals for this project are identify, educate, and encourage. First thing was identifying our major waste items, and how they were currently being sorted. This could be different for every farm, as it is with many work places. Some major examples are paper towels, coffee cups, label liners, etc. Next was developing a system that was easily shown and taught to others. We have now set up several work stations across the farm that are colour coded and labelled. With the help of a Valley Waste Resource Management employee, we are going to be holding an education and demonstration seminar for all of our farm employees in the upcoming weeks. Finally, we are encouraging a recycling-minded atmosphere.



All painted and ready to go!


Sample of the stations around the farm.


Having stations easily accessible and well labelled will help encourage people to think before they simply toss what is in their hands in the trash. Many people that work here believe in a commitment to the environment and to having better, more sustainable practices. Within hours of having the bins painted, we had employees using them and asking questions on how to sort! In the coming months we are developing a system to take advantage of the curb-side pick up, and to start weighing how much waste we are diverting from the landfills. These are some of the initial tasks for the project, but there are tons more in the pipeline! I will be updating news from this project as it goes along, so stay tuned!

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