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We love feedback! :)

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It's always nice to know when we send stuff out to the universe (like recipes!), that people are trying and enjoying them. And it's even nicer to know our members are happy. We received this wonderful letter the other day and wanted to share it with you.


Hi Patricia,

I thought you might like to see a couple of pics of the great pizza we enjoyed with the beet pesto recipe from the roasted root blog...it was so good...we really love beets in our house anyway and I grow some of our own each summer but for anyone who isn’t a fan this is definitely the way to go...next time we get some fresh ones I’ll be trying the beet hummus...sounds yummy!

Thanks for taking the time to include recipes and links to blogs when you send out the weekly share update, we’ve found a lot of new ideas and haven’t been disappointed yet. :)

Just finished the sign up for next year, adding eggs too. Yay! We’ve changed our delivery to Mondays, since it turned out Saturdays weren’t always the best option for us.

And thank you for all of you at the farm, allowing us access to fresh, local veggies and fruit. We had known about Taproot for a couple of years and wondered whether we’d be able to utilize all the extra vegetables (we have a fair sized veggie garden of our own each summer) but have certainly enjoyed the extra bounty.


Thank you taking the time to write. :) We're grateful for every one of our members and we welcome your feedback. Even without delicious looking photos.

Have a great weekend!

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs from Krista

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Krista is new to the TapRoot CSA this year, and she's already shared her love of the program with us through her stunning photography!  Check out these gorgeous naturally dyed easter eggs that her and the kids created this week!  Dyed with TapRoot beets and blueberries from Noggins as well as other produce and spices, see the image below for what she used. 


What a great locally-conscious easter craft!  What gorgeous photos, too!  Happy Easter!


Feedback about the egg shortage

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So, this is why I love our members!  I sent out a notice Sunday morning about the egg shortage in the CSA.  I didn't get a single upset email back.  This is what I DID get:

"Thanks Teri. This is part of what we signed up for with a CSA - that we would get a 'share' of the crop, not a guaranteed number every week. I have a suggestion - to keep members from grumbling - next time you have an abundance of eggs, include a few extra. That will reinforce the idea of a 'share' rather than a quantity.

We're loving everything - thanks again."

Sounds fine! :)"


"Thanks for letting us know!I'll curb our egg usage slightly. Down to only half a doz to last until Tues!! Mmmmmmm eggs!"

"Hi Teri, we currently have enough eggs for the next week or so, so feel free to distribute our 1/2 among other shares for this coming week (if that's helpful).

"No problem!  Thanks for the heads up :-)  We all share in the wealth & shortages so absolutely no hard feelings here."
"Hi Teri
If it helps you out at all, I don't mind giving up my share for the weeks that you are impacted.
I don't need anything extra or a reduction in fees. We all get more than our dollar value this time of year."
"No worries!"

"If it helps at all you can give our egg shares for the next two weeks to other CSA members."


YOU GUYS ROCK!!  Thanks for being great.



Aww... Comments like this make all the hard work SO worth it!

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Once again, I want to say how much we are enjoying the CSA. We are a Saturday pickup and I spend most of Saturday afternoon washing, packaging, cooking, deciding when we are going to eat what etc. We are trying really hard not to waste anything… I never like wasting food but when I had to throw out almost a whole head of lettuce one week because I had been sick and not eating, I felt as if I were wasting all the time and effort all the people at Taproot put into making sure we have fresh food every week.

And what an abundance this week! Let me tell you what I did with our box: bok choy, broccoli and sugar snap peas went into a chicken stir fry, along with some garlic. The carrots and some of the green onion made their way into my weekly carrot recipe for The Community Carrot Co-op. Apple pie and cherry galette (which is an easy way to impress people) were the highlight of a family dessert and coffee evening. Zucchini bread went into the freezer. Lettuce washed and packaged for easy salad makings. Raspberries, blueberries and cherries also made their way into my morning cereal or lunch time salad.

Thank you so much! 
Catherine and Dennis