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 Another excuse to spend time in the beautiful Annapolis Valley! Our farmstay options include a large home with all amenities, and a rugged cabin. For more information on the properties, an availability calendar and booking information, please refer to our website www.taprootfarms.ca/Farm-stay

The Swallow's Nest offers a family or group a private gateway to winter activities. With cross-country ski trails outside the door, Ski Martock a 35 minute drive away, or a home base to cozy up beside a fire, this beautiful house offers a memorable experience.

The Walden Camp offers more of an adventure for an individual or couple. Enjoy a skate on the pond before settling in beside the woodstove. Embrace winter!




My Money Where My Mouth Is

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I finally rented Walden Camp and stayed for a night at Taproot Farms. I say “finally” because part of my job is to promote the farm stay, and assist guests who come. I was recommending an experience without having done it myself. Shame on me.

On a recent Saturday afternoon (the night we had the Supermoon), Jason and I packed up the dog and a few personal effects. The idea was to book the camp and show up as if we were new guests. But the truth is I have a real affection for the Walden Camp, and everything else on the farm. I have also known farm owners, Josh and Trish for years, so my biases, and the likelihood I would enjoy myself were pretty apparent.

After a quick visit to the driveway market for veggies (and a peanut butter gelato from Fox Hill next door) we arrived at the camp. Jason pointed out a problem. “How do people find it when they get to the farm?” Hmm. Good question. Walden Camp is very private, not all that far, just secret. Future guests can now grab a property map at the driveway market and use it to find just about anything.

Our high maintenance beagle was over the moon. He and the farm’s Jack Russell Terrier, Jack, immediately went for a swim in the large pond. We unpacked, but hadn’t brought much stuff. The camp is equipped with a fire pit, gas stove, indoor woodstove, firewood, drinking water, soap, dishes, pots, etc. Not to mention the bed, a bit of furniture and comfy chairs. We tossed our toiletry bag and bedding on a chair, set the cooler on the picnic table and rounded up our dog.

We spent the evening walking the trails and visiting the pigs, chickens and geese. We ambled through the cut flower gardens, the blueberry orchard and row upon row of too many vegetables to name. Then we cooked a meal of food entirely from the farm we were visiting. We even happened upon Josh and Trish, with kids in tow, spending their Saturday night weeding green onions. How romantic!

Jason and Scooter enjoyed everything about the stay on the farm. And, predictably, so did I. We were so tired by the end of the night we never did manage to play that game of Yahtzee.

Now that I have experienced Walden Camp, I can recommend it. It’s a perfect spot for a couple, or a small family if a tent were pitched. Guests have access to the farm and are treated like royalty by staff. The team at Taproot enjoy having people around, but at the same time you have absolute privacy. It’s kind of like having a campground to yourself. Sounds of nature everywhere, and at times a chorus of frogs so loud you think they’re coming for you!

For more info about Walden Camp, check it out under the Farm Stay tab on our website.  www.taprootfarms.ca

Happy Camping


Another happy stay at Swallow's Nest...

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We had a really lovely time. The piglets and pigs for that matter were a huge hit with my 2 and a half year old! We met Teri and Patricia and a few other folks who were great and very welcoming. I think we picked a really fantastic time to visit the farm and were happy to introduce the area for the first time to my in-laws from Vancouver.


Thanks again!


Feedback from a Swallow's Nest stay!

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Oh! what an amazing weekend D and I had – just not long enough. If I could afford it, we’d be back for an even longer stay.
There just wasn’t enough time to enjoy and appreciate all the house and the farm had to offer.
D loved every aspect of our stay – she was up past the rim of her boots in mud and was thrilled with it. He feet got stuck and I had to pull her out – of course the boots stayed in the mud and she came out of her boots.
We visited the pigs atleast 6 times and she was content just to stand by the fence and watch and listen to them.
I had told her about the piglets and she was quite excited to see them. Unfortunately we didn’t see them. We went up to the house and knocked 3 times but no one seemed to be home. She made me promise we would go back to see them.
We saw racoon prints in the mud and tried to herd a loose chicken back into the pen – no luck.
I could go on and on – the whole weekend was filled with memories I will treasure.
The house is amazing and I could feel my whole body relax as soon as we entered. What a unique home – so inviting and filled with warmth. There were so many areas to enjoy and appreciate and not enough time. We did spend a lot of time in the sun room – the room with the “sky windows” as D called them. I brought thr rocker down from upstairs and we rocked quite a bit.
We found a dead bat which has now been named Ted and came home with us in a jar.
One of my fav parts was spending almost 2 hours in the same hammock as D on Sat. She didn’t know that was my favorite and when I asked her what her fav part was – she said “Having fun in the hammock with you” Isn’t that just the most perfect answer a grandmother could get!!!!!!
All in all one of the most memorable get aways I’ve had and truly a treasure I’ll keep.
Thank you