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Tuesday Feb17 Farm Update

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

As of now, 9:05 AM we are not plowed in any direction.

Josh and Nathan both snowshoed to Canard this morning. 

Good news is that the squash barn did not freeze. Malcolm kept the fire going and that was enough to keep it from freezing until the power came back on early this morning at 1:30AM. (the power keeps the grain feeding into the grain burner and the fans running) 

In other news, the water is all frozen in the warehouse.

Just a reminder that we will not be doing deliveries today. We hope that we will be back in action tomorrow.

Have a lovely day! 


Farm shut down

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

It is 11:40 AM Monday.

We are unable to get to the farm. Nathan snow shoed this morning to do the chores. 

We also have no power so hard to get messages to you. We charged my cel with the car charger. 

At the moment, there will be  no deliveries today or tomorrow. 

There is no plan yet on when deliveries  will happen because I don't know right now when we will be able to get to the farm in Canard.

Bare with us. Thanks!




TapRoot work share

Posted on

For a number of years we have been offering work shares. Not many members take us up on it, but the few who do have become an really fun and interesting part of the life of the farm, we can't imagine a season without them now.

We'd like to expand this offering to more people. 

Here's how it works:

1. Let us know you are interested in this. Send an email to csa@taprootfarms.ca

2. There will be training time and you will need to give yourself time to ease into the work. We do not do full days to start.  Once you are trained, then we will set out a schedule for you that matches the work that needs to be done with the days you are able to work. 

3. If you have a specific skill or trade that could benefit the farm, let us know and we can consider the options.

Our vision is that we'd have more CSA members here on the farm taking part in farming and preparing the veggies and shares for pick-up. It is also our vision that our farm makes it possible for members to participate fully without needing to cash flow all of their membership. Whether you enjoy the work on the farm or you need to put your cash towards other expenses matters not to us. Everyone is welcome to ask about work share. If you'd like to be a part of this vision of being with us here working on the farm, please be in touch.



Tuesday deliveries are happening today

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Hello Tuesday CSA members,

It has been quite a two week stretch of weather events especially when we need to be driving. It certainly has kept me thinking and reflecting.

Ed is getting loaded up and will be on his way soon.

I realize it is Friday and traffic is likely more intense than on a Tuesday. We also realize the weather hasn't been great for you either so there is a lot of snow and slippery conditions.

Thank you for adapting and accepting and supporting as we all embrace or cope with our winter. This morning I was feeling frustrated because I couldn't get the truck in 4-wheel drive and I couldn't get out of the drive way. For about 20 minutes I was clouded with frustration and then all of the sudden, I looked out and I saw how incredibly beautiful the snow is. I can so easily get caught up in the functioning of my own life/farm life and forget to stop and take in all the gifts of this weather, one of which I'd say is beauty.

Have a lovely weekend!