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December dates to consider

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Happy December 1st, 2015

A few important dates to share.

1) Off the Hook Fish Community Shared Fisheries Round 3 starts on Monday Dec 7th. Registration is open now. (3lb haddock or pollock)

2) Holiday Farm Break - December 21 - January 2. We restart the CSA deliveries January 4th 2016.

3)We have Gift Certificates available for anyone to purchase before Dec 14th. 

4) We have launched the bulk purchase Maple Syrup - 2 L - see add on section under bulk purchases - purchases must be made by December 12th.

5) December 20th Winter Solstice CSA community gathering will be from 3 PM - 5 PM and we will be serving chili and mulled cider. If we have snow, bring your snow shoes, skis or sleds. Come visit the farm in December. The birds, the trees and the sounds of the farm in December are lovely. We will host at 1736 Church Street. 

Have a great December 1, 2015!!!!



Meat share week 34

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TapRoot Meat shares

Week 34 November 23-29


Meat Shares:

2 pkgs Chicken Thighs (2/pack) 2 packs x 1.48lbs @ $6.00/lb ($17.76 value)


Monty meat shares

2 pkgs Chicken Thighs (2/pack) 2 packs x 1.48lbs @ $6.00/lb ($17.76)

1 pk chicken drumsticks (2/pk) .99lbs @$6.00/lb ($5.94)

($23.70 value)


Notes from the barn yard:

It's a windy and rainy day on the farm today. On days like this Nathan goes around to the outdoor animals to see if they need anything extra, like bedding, to have a comfortable place to lay down. The new batch of organic laying hens have started laying, but only about 3 eggs a day. In a few weeks the rest should be laying and our egg shortage should be over. 


Make this one pan Lemon Butter Chicken this week with your thighs and drumsticks. 

Don't forget that you can make a great chicken stock from the bones from chicken pieces as well. Throw in the bones with some whole pepper corns, and some wilty veggies all in a slow cooker (or a stock put) and fill it up with water. After a few hours to a day of boiling away, drain out the chicken and veggies, and you have beautiful homemade chicken stock. Here is a link if you want a little more direction.

If you have any question, comments, or concerns about your meat share please don't hesitate to e-mail me at justine@taprootfarms.ca.


Gift Certificates - TapRoot Giving.

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

This year we have decided to try something new - TapRoot Gifts (gift certificates)

We are offering gift certificates that anyone can purchase to give to a family member. The gift certificates can go toward a CSA (community shared agriculture) membership with TapRoot or towards the purchase of add-on's for members of the CSA. 

We are excited to try this. The purchase of the gift certificate is considered a share purchase and if you are new to TapRoot you will be asked to make an account. The account you create will allow us to get all of the information we need to mail you the certificates.  

Happy Giving!  Learn More: http://taprootfarms.ca/shares/register

With peace and love and delicious food in mind,


Below are my baby nieces: Elsie and Katie. They were helping me in the office this morning - pears and a rocking chair. 

Meat share week 33

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TapRoot Meat shares

Week 33 November 16-22


Meat Shares:

Bone-in Chicken Breast 2/pack at $9.00/lb ($22.14 value)


Monty meat shares

Bone-in Chicken Breast 2/pack at $9.00/lb ($22.14 value)


Notes from the barn yard:

The barn is getting plumbing! Nathan is working away at installing water lines to all the pens, and at the end of the water lines there will be automatic drinkers for the animals. The first to have the honor are the laying hens. They drink from the red bowl and it never runs dry. Hauling water to all the animals is a chore that takes many hours a day. Once this is installed throughout the whole barn daily animal chores will be a lot quicker. 




Recipes that work:

Three ways to cook your bone-in chicken breast. Pan seared, marinated then grilled (it's not too late to be using your BBQ!), and roasted. Check them all out here.



If you have any question, comments, or concerns about your meat share please don't hesitate to e-mail me at justine@taprootfarms.ca. I am very interested in how the meat share is working out for you.



Additional Products Available Each Week

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Along with your weekly CSA share box you can order add-on items. These items need to be ordered the day before your CSA delivery to arrive with your delivery that week. The items change throughout the season. 

To order Add-on items you go to the TapRoot website and log-in with your member username and password. 

You can then select items you'd like to order. You have a choice to pay online or to pay cheque or cash. 

Some of the items we currently have listed include: Cabbage, Kale, Popcorn, Honey, Leeks, Apples 

Special Feature is our TapRoot Organic Apple Juice

Case of TapRoot Apple Juice 12 bottles

Have a great day!