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TapRoot Shirts are in!

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The TapRoot shirts have arrived!  We have some available for members for $18.00 each.  There are S, M, L, XL.  The shirts are 100% cotton and made in Canada.

Order through add ons under "Other Goodies".  There is a separate entry for each size shirt.

Show your farm spirit!


Pie R Squared Pies... Available at TapRoot!

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Meat pies are my all-time favourite comfort food. That's probably why I was immediately attracted to Heather's stall at the Wolfville Farmer's Market.

Heather of Pie R Squared makes gourmet meat pies and quiches in both a regular and gluten-free crust (the gluten free is called "less gluten" because it's not made in a gluten free facility, but for all intents and purposes is gluten free).  I think of it as "fast food for foodies": what could be easier than heating up a delicious locally made pie packed with delicious locally sourced ingredients-- something you can enjoy AND feel good about!

In our household, Jon looks forward to the days where we don't have any leftovers for lunch, which means we can break into the freezer "pie stash".  Heather's crust is exceptionally flaky and buttery (the kind of crust I wish I could get right every time!), and there's real (recognizable!) vegetables and meat in there too.  The smell in Heather's bakery makes you want to curl up with a good book under a warm blanket and eat pie all day!

I think it's really awesome that she offers a spectacular gluten-free crust.  So many people are aware of gluten sensitivity now, and whether they have it or just opt to cut down, it's such a great option...  after cooking with a gluten sensitive gal all summer, I know how excited people get about gluten free options.  I've done my share of quests to neighboring towns in search of gluten-free bread!

The pies and quiches come in 9" (1 per package) for $18.00 and 5" crusts (2 per package) for $11.50.  They can be purchased through our add-ons section, or you can go see Heather yourself at the Wolfville Market!  There are a ton of flavours, so check our add-ons page for current availability.


Staple Shares

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This is a TapRoot Staple Share. We wanted you to see what it looks like, and to tell you more about it!

Staple Share

Staple Shares are $12 per week, and contain apples, onions, potatoes, and carrots (the "staples"!). They are great as an add-on if you have extra company coming and want to beef up your veggie box, or if you have a lot of veggie eaters in your household and need some additional weekly goodies.

However, the main use that we envision for the staple share is to make local food accessible to more folks.  Maybe the type of folks who don't want the unpredictability (we say "challenge"!) of a regular CSA share, but those who still value eating local produce, at a totally affordable rate.  A staple share with delivery runs $750.00 for the whole year.  Imagine the difference that could make to the amount of local food consumed in a household. 

So, if you know of someone who would make good use of a staple share, refer them to us and get a special bonus in your own box. 

If you are feeling particularly generous, consider donating a staple share to a family in need (that you know, or whom we can find).

Slow Dough returns!

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At the Wolfville Farmer's Market a few weeks ago, I was impressed with the gorgeous display and delicious smells from the Slow Dough stall.  After buying and enjoying a couple of loaves, I am in love with this delicious, stunning bread.  This past year we offered a Slow Dough share to some of our members, and we would like to partner again with Warren and Elizabeth now offer you the opportunity to try some Slow Dough as an add on.

Because of the necessity of freshness coinciding with logistics, this is how it will work:

  • Slow Dough will be available to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday members only (sorry Monday and Saturday, if there is a lot of interest we can possibly look at increasing availability in the future - email me!)
  • You will need to order by Sunday 6 pm to receive bread that week.  This is because it is made to order!  Order online via add-ons.
  • Each week there will be two available bread varieties: I will let you know Tuesdays via blog, facebook, and newsletter which are offered the following week.  Bread ranges from $5.00 - $7.50 per loaf (and in my opinion is worth every penny!)

We'll see how this goes and are hoping to have enough interest to be able to offer fresh, artisanal bread on a regular basis.  Treat yourself to something special, wow your guests, or just enjoy bread at its absolute best!

Please feel free to email me (teri@taprootfarms.ca) if you have any questions or comments!

Add-ons at TapRoot Farms

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We got some organization done in the office this week, and I had to share our tidy add-ons shelf with you!


    This is our shelf of add-ons.  There are A LOT of things that you can order every week with your share, these are just the dried goods, but we also have frozen items (meats and Pie R Squared Pies and Quiches), rosemary plants, and an assortment of fresh produce (fruit and veggies). 

   I get feedback that members don't always know what's available as add-ons, and so I am officially letting you know!

  In this photo we have:

Longspell Point Farms flour (soft red wheat, hard red wheat, and rye) 1 kg bags $3.00

TapRoot Farms Nettle Tea $4.00

Simply In Season Cookbook $21.00

Cookbook for Families $11.00

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle $21.00

"I'm a TapRoot Kid" tee $18.00

sizes 2, 4, 6 in Purple and Beige and sizes 8, 10, 12 in Teal and Grey

"I'm a TapRoot Baby" onesie $22.00

Honey 1kg $9.49 500g $4.99

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar $5.75


How to order add-ons: The easiest way is to login to your TapRoot account, and below where the shares for the week are, it will show all the add-ons available.  Select the ones you would like, get your total, and pay online via paypal or bring along a cheque to your next delivery, or drop it in the mail.  It's best for us if you order add-ons at least 24 hours before your delivery. 

Some of the add-ons are for convenience, some are to promote other people's products that we think are great, and some are designed to make it so that you can buy as much of your weekly food needs from us at the farm.  For instance: having a bunch of people come visit?  Why not add on another share for the week?  A staple share is great if you're doing a lot of cooking (Apples, Onions, Carrots, Potatoes).  Really had your heart set on getting some potatoes in your share this week?  You can order them separately as an add-on, as well as carrots, onions, apples, cider, and many other seasonally available options.

One last thing to share with you: Justine made delicious cookies this morning using the Longspell Point Farms Hard Red Wheat Flour.  It was so good I couldn't help myself and took a bite before I took a photo:

Have a great weekend!