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Lara's family visit to the farm!

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Just received this email from Lara, a member:
We stopped by the farm today for a visit. it was a beautiful day to walk around the farm and see all of the animals...my girls thought it was something else!  I just wanted to write to let you know that we felt so welcome there. I wanted to give a little to shout out to Tim (who grows the flowers), he was so friendly and welcoming...what a great farm Taproot is. After our visit I feel even more connected to where my food is coming from! We will be back, often!
Thanks again, 
Lara, Rob, Stella and Hazel. And today I was visiting with my mum Heather (all the way from Australia)

LOVE this!

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What happens each week after shares are unpacked at Christopher's house.  I LOVE orange kittehs (and all kittehs in general!), especially in boxes!!  Thanks for sharing! :)