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Delivery Plan

Posted on by Patricia Bishop


  • No deliveries this week for Mosaic, Sackville, Bedford, and Bloom. We will deliver this week share offering on April 1.
  • Pick-Up for Noggins, TapRoot, Kingston and Home delivery will be Friday March 20th
  • Monday March 30 we will deliver to Hawthorne to make up for Monday March 16th
  • Thursday April 2 we will deliver to Hammond Plains Farmers Market to make up for March 19th.

Warm red cabbage with bacon

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Thank you to CSA member Glennis Smith for this fabulous recipe!

Warm Red Cabbage with Bacon 

1 shallot, leek or bunch of green onion (I have used any of these; they all work) in a deep fry pan with a little olive oil until lightly brown.  

Add in: 
6 cups of chopped red cabbage (long shreds look the best)

Drizzle with a little more oil and toss with tongs until it just begins to limp a bit but still crisp -- about 5 minutes 

Season with coarsely grated salt and fresh ground pepper while tossing. 

4 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 Tablespoons oil 
Add in a handful of raisins or cranberries in the warm vinegar 
Let sit for five minutes. 

Add to the cabbage mixture: 
1/2 cup or more of crumbled bacon
1/2 cup chopped toasted whole almonds  (or other nuts if preferred)

Finally, add the warm balsamic vinegar to the cabbage mixture and toss through.  

This is so good, even left over and re-heated. 

Tip: I used the crumbled real Bacon from Costco which I keep in the freezer for recipes. Easy peasy…

Glennis Smith 


Week 25 Meat Share

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Meat Share Week 25 - Last share of the 2014-15 season!!

Thank you so much for you support over the last 50 weeks and we look forward to working with for you many more to come!

This week your share contains:

TapRoot ham - steak or roast @ $7.00/lb                       varies
TapRoot Chicken - whole @ $7.50/lb                             varies 
TapRoot Herb Sausages - @ $7.50/pack                         $7.50
                                                      Total: within $1 of $37.50
The chickens and hams varied so much in their weight, so we made up each share individually, matching up larger chickens with smaller hams and vice-versa.

Nathans animal update:

Winter weather continues to be challenging. There is always snow to be moved, and water containers to de-ice, but the animals don't mind the cold and they always have a dry place to lay in for the night.

We've received our first batch of free range chicks for 2015. With any luck, by the time these chicks have feathers, there will be some green grass for them to munch on. For now though, they are snugged away in the barn, living the life of luxury under the warmth of the heat lamps. 

This week we expect many many many baby bunnies to be born! Some of the mothers are already starting to show some nesting behavior. A few days before babies are born the mother rabbits pull our their own fir to use as a material for nest building. Baby bunnies are born completely hairless, so they need a nice cozy nest to thrive.