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Category Updates-for-CSA-Members

Fresh Herb Tea Bundles

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This week you'll find a mixed bunch of herbs that have been wild crafted and grown on the farm. Mint, lemon balm and red clover are some of the plants you'll find in your share, and there's enough in each bundle to make 2 nice pots of tea.

To prepare the tea, cut and keep the clover heads while the water boils on the stove. Once boiled, combine the lemon balm, mint and red clover heads in the teapot and pour water over top. Let the tea infuse for a good 5 minutes before pouring. Store the bundle upright in a mason jar with a little water or in a ziplock in the fridge and it should last a week. TRIM the ends of the bouquets in order to get them to uptake water.

Lemon balm and mint are said to be digestives -- calming to the stomach -- and clover is a liver tonic, reducing the 'heat' generated by the stresses of modern life. 

Lately I've been reading about Japanese tea culture – there is an art to cultivating a moment to sit down and savour a blend of plants and their distinct aromas. In these buzzy times moments of relaxation are of great value to mind and body.





Welcome Meagan!

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We have a new addition to the TapRoot Team: Meet Meagan! Meagan will be doing the lion's share of the delivery of CSA shares and wholesale.  You will see her on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Home Delivery/Kingston, and Saturday TapRoot routes.  Meagan has been a CSA member with us for over a year and so she knows the ropes.  Please be extra friendly and help us welcome Meagan to the team if you are lucky enough to run into her while picking up your share. 

Welcome, Meagan!

Farm Stays at TapRoot Farms

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Spring has officially sprung at the farm. As we look ahead to more agreeable weather, we invite you to check out our farm stay possibilities. The Swallow's Nest and Walden Camp offer two very different getaway experiences. The Swallow's Nest is our more popular destination, with every comfort you can imagine. It can accommodate up to 8 people, as well as the family pet. Walden Camp offers a more rugged experience, for a couple or small group. Both have very private settings.

Booking information is available on our website, www.taprootfarms.ca which includes a vacancy calendar, rates and lots of information about the properties. We encourage anyone interested to check out the calendar and consider booking early. CSA members receive a discount on accommodation, and staff are never far away to help with any of your needs while staying at TapRoot Farms.

There is so much to see and do in this beautiful Annapolis Valley. Make us your home
away from home while vacationing.

TapRoot Farms 2014 Cut Flower CSA Shares: An update

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Those of you who have signed up for a Flower Share have a few more weeks to prepare for their arrival. The farm is still covered in snow, and no amount of wishing on my part will change that. However, seeding has begun in earnest. The list of annuals and perennials we are preparing is too long to include here, but rest assured, they are varied in size, texture, colour and temperament.
Tulips are usually the first to arrive, followed by small gaps in delivery before they arrive on a consistent basis at your pick up location. Last year, deliveries extended to the end of October, however, I plan to stretch that a bit.
Flower Shares will be posted the weekend before share deliveries, similar to your vegetables, meat and fruit shares. The flowers will have been harvested and conditioned as close as possible to your delivery time, usually the morning of, or the evening before.
For those of you who have not signed up for a Flower Share, we hope to make flowers available as add-ons, and will post those options as soon as things start growing in earnest.
It's been a long, white winter. We are looking forward to the growing season!
For CSA members who are planning special events in the coming year, we hope to be able to provide “Occasion Buckets.” These will consist of various flowers, perfect for parties! If you have any questions, or flower needs this coming year, please feel free to contact me tim@taprootfarms.ca
Here's a pic of some Hi No Maru Aster seedlings. Small, but full of promise.

Techie Tip: How to add your CSA share pickup to Google Calendar and RSS feeds

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Did you know you can do this?  It's pretty cool.  I can't offer all the instructions on how to do it (depends on too many factors), but I will show you where to find the button.  I am assuming if you already use Google Calendar or subscribe to RSS you are likely more tech saavy than I am.  I linked it to my google calendar a long time ago, and so now each week's shares show up right on my calendar, which works like a handy reminder as well as a list of what to expect.

To see only what is coming in YOUR shares, log in to your account and then go to "My Shares" and select the tab (circled in red) "Follow" and select the option you would like (see screenshot below):

If you want to see what is coming in ALL of the shares each week (not just the ones you have ordered), subscribe to the feed while NOT logged in to your account (Important: DO NOT add this to your Calendar when you are not logged in.  HarvestHand will not know who you are and so will spit ALL of the delivery locations into your poor, poor, calendar!... Believe me, I've done it.  :P)

BONUS: You get to see the shares as soon as they are posted this way!  No more waiting around and checking back while we are busy getting them posted!

Tell me you love HarvestHand!!