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Dawn's day at the Farm by Dawn Langille

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Dawn's day at the Farm:
This week I had the pleasure of visiting the farm & staff of Taproots for a day.
I've been a member since 2014, and this was my first visit other than planned members events.
As members, we are welcome to visit the farm at any time. 
We aren't just customers, we're share holders and the Taproots family is deeply dedicated to the CSA model and creating relationships with their members. 
I walked around the farm, worked with the staff, enjoyed the fresh air, and got to visit the pigs! One of my favourite moments was watching the pigs rub up against their scratching rocks. 
The pigs on their way to the scratching rock
I had the pleasure of meeting some of the many staff that make everything happen. Previously I'd really only met Patricia, Josh, Justine, and the many lovely delivery drivers who bring us our boxes each week. It was great to meet some of the people working behind the scenes who make things happen.
There is a "new addition" to the farm that I got to check out! 
A kind soul purchased the home & property next to the farmland on Cunard St and has allowed the staff full access to the property. It is a beautiful victorian style home full of character. There is a great open kitchen where I was able to bake some fresh sourdough bread to spoil & thank the staff. My brain is percolating with all of the potential this space has to offer - particularly for member events!!!!
The house at 441 Canard
Fresh sourdough bread and treats for lunch
Working is absolutely not a requirement when you visit the farm. 
I was willing & able to lend a helping hand during my short visit, so Kim set me up in the building where they pack shares and I worked alongside Garfield & Michael. They were immensely friendly & kind - especially considering my lack of farm experience!! I helped clean a bit of the packing area as they prep the space to be painted & renovated - I'm excited to return after it's all done to see the difference.
Tim and Steve harvesting the greens for this weeks share
Patricia made some time to have a really great conversation. I am ever so grateful because as an owner & worker she has a thousand things pulling her in a thousand directions every day - not to mention being a mom with 3 kids on march break! She is also a really great person to talk to; she listens intently, focuses on solutions, is incredibly heart-centered, and is brimming with ideas. 
We discussed how members can support the farm (more on that in a future blog post), some great opportunities for members events (think Kitchen parties, BBQs, Meals, Open Farm Day - stay tuned for more very exciting info coming soon) and some other really though stuff (see below). 
I am so immensely grateful for my day at the farm. 
I would highly recommend visiting the farm, or joining in on the scheduled Field Walks as often as you can - it's such an awesome experience! My partner & I were able to attend two Field Walks last year, and we are eager for this year's dates to be announced so we can add them to our calendars. 
What's a Field Walk you ask?
The tunnels without the plastic
Basil stalks left from last year
Patricia, Josh & other team members will walk you through a tour of the farm. 
It's incredible to see the farm in full swing, learn about how things are done, ask questions, see the differences between varying months & seasons, and connect with Josh, Patricia, the staff, and other CSA members.
Come on out to the next Field Walk - they will be announcing dates soon.
Bring your family & friends along! 
See where your food comes from!
Walk the beautiful landscape!
Make a day of it! 
Visit other great spots in the valley, treat yourself to a great meal at any one of the fantastic restos in Wolfville & surrounding communities, or check out some great outdoor & heritage adventures
Conversations with Patricia:
You see, I'm a member from the Prospect Area and I receive my deliveries on Saturdays.
We just received a message at the beginning of March that the farm has decided to discontinue Saturday deliveries.
I was heartbroken with the news because none of the other locations suit my schedule. The team has offered to refund us 100% of our remaining shares, but I was hoping to chat options during my planned visit.
Patricia & the team did not make the decision lightly - I can hear & feel the struggle in her voice as we discuss it. They considered other options such as delivering on a different day, doing a drop-off, discussing other options with members, and so much more. 
When it comes down to it, they had to make an incredibly tough call - and I support them fully in their decision. 
Right now Saturday deliveries simply don't work - There are so many factors involved.
They never planned on doing weekend deliveries - they actually consciously decided against it when they started. 
They intentionally wanted to dedicate weekends to their family. 
As business owners, they never really stop working, but they wanted to devote Saturdays & Sundays to being available for their children & extended family.
They did not want to take any business away from any of the markets that operate on weekends.
They very hesitantly agreed to start Saturday deliveries with much persuasion from a staff member. The particular staff member that took ownership of the process, along with his other duties, has since left the organization. Since then, they have tried to make it work, but it simply takes away from other aspects of the farm that require attention, and takes away time from their family. 
They usually consult with members before making any important decisions that affect us as members. In the past they have had negative feedback about how frustrating or confusing it can be, and the message they heard was that the vast majority of people simply don't want to be included in the process - they just want to be informed when a clear concise decision has been made. So that's what the team did. 
Right now, these locations, and Saturday deliveries Just Don't Work;
for them, their family, the business, or their staff.
They are so incredibly apologetic that the decision was made after the season started. As business owners they have to constantly evaluate their activities and make really tough decisions - decisions that affect their family, their livelihood, and the livelihood of their staff, decisions that are imperfect, challenging, and unfortunately don't work for everyone. 
I'm still figuring out if & how I can continue my membership. I understand if you are frustrated, saddened, disappointed or upset. Please trust me when I say this was a really hard decision for them, but I honestly think they are doing the right thing. 
If you are still struggling with their decision after reading this, please reach out to voice your concerns and to gain a deeper understanding of their choice. There is so much more to it than I have explained above. 
Much Love,
Dawn Langille
Taproot Farms CSA member since 2014

Storm Feb 16th

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Hello Members, 

Thursday 12:26 PM - Some of the roads here are closed due to zero visibility and our roads to the farm have not been plowed. 

We will not be delivering today. 

This impacts Mariposa, Noggins Sante Centre and Spryfield locations. 

I will let you know as soon as I can what the plan will be for getting you your share. 

Please email csa@taprootfarms.ca if you wish to double up next week. I am thinking we will do the deliveries tomorrow or Saturday but just don't know for sure yet. 






Feb 15 Delivery Update

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Good day all,

All regular Wednesday deliveries are a go.

All Monday deliveries are also a go today. EXCEPT St. Marks pickup will starts at 4:45 - 6PM 

Hawthorne St. and St. Peters locations please look for Justine in a grey minivan. St. Mark's locations look for Patricia in either the blue Subaru or grey Matrix. 

Mariposa deliveries are happening tomorrow with timing TBA.  

Many thanks, 


Update: Feb 14th

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Today we are digging out here at the farm. Josh and Tim have gone out to help some pigs dig out too. They have drifts all around them. 

Yesterday (Monday) was our share making day for Monday and Tuesday deliveries. We did not get any of the shares made yesterday because of the storm. 

Today we are currently sorting out what is possible to accomplish with a significantly reduced time frame and fewer staff as they are still digging out. 

We hope to have a plan in place by 10:30 AM. 

Many thanks,






Update: Feb 14th 10:30 AM

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Hello CSA Members:

Please read carefully.

1) If you can not make pick-ups because of the weather/stuck in snow please email csa@taprootfarms.ca and let Justine know what you'd like to do. Your options are to double up next week or collect your share this week at another location. Please see the list on our website of locations you can choose from.  PLEASE take note that with this weather things may change at other locations too so keep an eye on facebook and our blog.

2) MONDAY deliveries that did not occur because of storm are NOT happening today, Tuesday. We don't have the capacity to make the shares and get them all delivered today and it seems to me best to carry on with the Tuesday usual plan and make up Monday on Wednesday. We need to sort out details with the locations and confirm that Wednesday will work for them. A confirmed update will come later today. We are sorry for this! We just don't have enough time or hands at the farm right now.

3) TUESDAY deliveries including Seaport (it is opening at 12), The Loop (Mimi is opening this afternoon),The Grainery, Brunswick Street, Edgewood/Hope Church &  Fredricks St. We will NOT be making it to MARIPOSA today, we don't have enough time to get there. We are tentatively planning we will delivery to MARIPOSA on Wednesday. This will be confirmed later today. 


Monday deliveries happening Wednesday (to be confirmed)

Tuesday deliveries happening today except Mariposa

Mariposa deliveries happening Wednesday (to be confirmed)

If you can't get to the delivery because of day change or stormed in please email Justine at csa@taprootfarms.ca and let her know if you'd like a double up next week or to collect at another location this week and if you choose another location keep an eye on updates for that location. 

Many thanks everyone!