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Posted on by Patricia Bishop

We are offering a corn u pick again this summer on Sunday. There are three fields that are all ready to be harvested. 

We plan for corn sales and they do not always pan out as we hope. This happened to us last year and again this year. We do have sales this year but just not as many as we planted for. This leads to two things: 1) next year we will plant less and 2) this year we will offer a u-pick.

For now, please join us on Sunday August 26th from 10AM - 2PM in the corn field. 

Cost is $2.50 per dozen. I will have the square so you can pay with a credit card if you like. Paypal and etransfer is also okay and of course cash is great. 

Please watch our facebook page for details - including the event location (near to 451 Canard Street NS).   

Many thanks!!!


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