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Feedback from a Swallow's Nest stay!

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Oh! what an amazing weekend D and I had – just not long enough. If I could afford it, we’d be back for an even longer stay.
There just wasn’t enough time to enjoy and appreciate all the house and the farm had to offer.
D loved every aspect of our stay – she was up past the rim of her boots in mud and was thrilled with it. He feet got stuck and I had to pull her out – of course the boots stayed in the mud and she came out of her boots.
We visited the pigs atleast 6 times and she was content just to stand by the fence and watch and listen to them.
I had told her about the piglets and she was quite excited to see them. Unfortunately we didn’t see them. We went up to the house and knocked 3 times but no one seemed to be home. She made me promise we would go back to see them.
We saw racoon prints in the mud and tried to herd a loose chicken back into the pen – no luck.
I could go on and on – the whole weekend was filled with memories I will treasure.
The house is amazing and I could feel my whole body relax as soon as we entered. What a unique home – so inviting and filled with warmth. There were so many areas to enjoy and appreciate and not enough time. We did spend a lot of time in the sun room – the room with the “sky windows” as D called them. I brought thr rocker down from upstairs and we rocked quite a bit.
We found a dead bat which has now been named Ted and came home with us in a jar.
One of my fav parts was spending almost 2 hours in the same hammock as D on Sat. She didn’t know that was my favorite and when I asked her what her fav part was – she said “Having fun in the hammock with you” Isn’t that just the most perfect answer a grandmother could get!!!!!!
All in all one of the most memorable get aways I’ve had and truly a treasure I’ll keep.
Thank you

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