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It is Garlic Scape Time

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Happy June 26th 2018. 

It is garlic scapes time. Look for them in your CSA box next week and at local farm markets.

Before we enjoy the garlic bulbs we get to enjoy the flavours of the garlic scapes. The scapes are the flowering part of the garlic. We harvest this part so that all of the energy goes into the bulb. The scapes are very versatile and can be used where you would use bulb garlic (in my opinion for the flavour). I enjoy them as garlic scape pesto, chopped up in salad, sauteed with other vegetables or slow roasted/wilted. Cocotea and Ashley were harvesting the scapes this morning and as I was heading out to check on the pigs, I snapped these pictures.  

Here are a few recipes that I have found in a quick search. They all look very delicious and are beautiful looking. 

It is best to use the scapes when they are fresh. After a bit of storage time they need a trim on the ends as they get dried out. When I was out in my own garden on Sunday I harvested a few scapes, came in, added some olive oil, spinach and green onions and hand blended them. We had a few left over tomatoes from our friends Marc and Krista at Schurman Family Farm in PEI that we chopped up with some rice noddles and the pesto. Oh yes and I added some butter and cheese at the end.

Easy, fast and delicious!  


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