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Monthly blog - November 2015

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With the cooler weather, we have moved indoors. 

On November 1st, we held a 'Flaxy Sunday Harvest Mob' event at TapRoot Farms. Our goal was to have 100 people in the flax field harvesting the remaining flax. Unfortunately, the weather did not corporate with us and we were harvesting in the rain. We had a great group of people show up to help us despite the weather and after harvesting, Patricia invited everyone in to warm up by a fire with a delicious bowl of soup.  There is still some flax in the field. We are testing to determine how the flax will handle the winter months. 

Our flax straw from this year's harvest has been moved indoors for storage over the winter months. 

We held a meeting with some professors from both Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design and Acadia University. They, together with a few other key supporters,  helped us to develop a research strategy for developing flax/linen-related products. We are excited to move forward with the action plans we came up with.

I have completed TapRoot Fibre Lab’s content marketing plan and have started implementing our action plans. 

We are working on sharing our journey with as many individuals, businesses, and organizations as possible. A letter was sent out to inform and encourage conversation. 

We are excited to announce that things are coming along nicely with our equipment. Testing has started on our second piece of equipment--the breaker--and Timbertec has started work on the third piece of equipment--the scutcher. 

I wish you a happy and safe holiday and all the best in the new yea


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