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Monthly blog - October, 2015

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I’ve just come in from the flax field to complete some computer work that I put on the back burner back in August, when I started harvesting flax.

With all the leaves changing colour, things are beautiful here in the Annapolis Valley and like the weather, things at TapRoot Fibre Lab are changing! Here is what’s been happening:

  • We have started searching for used equipment. We have a lead on a seed cleaner out in Saskatchewan and are sourcing harvesters and Hollander beaters (for paper making).

  • We are building partnerships and networking with folks who are interested in our machines. I have been working on putting together a letter to send to individuals, businesses, and organizations that will include photos of the rippler testing and progress on the breaker, a description of our work thus far, and where we are heading.

  • A few weeks back we had a visit from a friend of ours who works with flax in Québec. He spent the day with us, talking about things to consider during our test runs and offered suggestions on how to improve the quality of our flax straw. His visit was jam-packed with information!  

  • We are testing out some products that we can produce while we are waiting for the long line linen machines to be built. Linen is our final goal, but there is so much more that the “cast away” fibres, seeds, and shivecan be used for!

  • Patricia is following up with her contacts from her recent trip to Belgium and is in the process of securing financing to move the TapRoot Fibre Lab into the next phase of development.

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