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Pie R Squared Pies... Available at TapRoot!

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Meat pies are my all-time favourite comfort food. That's probably why I was immediately attracted to Heather's stall at the Wolfville Farmer's Market.

Heather of Pie R Squared makes gourmet meat pies and quiches in both a regular and gluten-free crust (the gluten free is called "less gluten" because it's not made in a gluten free facility, but for all intents and purposes is gluten free).  I think of it as "fast food for foodies": what could be easier than heating up a delicious locally made pie packed with delicious locally sourced ingredients-- something you can enjoy AND feel good about!

In our household, Jon looks forward to the days where we don't have any leftovers for lunch, which means we can break into the freezer "pie stash".  Heather's crust is exceptionally flaky and buttery (the kind of crust I wish I could get right every time!), and there's real (recognizable!) vegetables and meat in there too.  The smell in Heather's bakery makes you want to curl up with a good book under a warm blanket and eat pie all day!

I think it's really awesome that she offers a spectacular gluten-free crust.  So many people are aware of gluten sensitivity now, and whether they have it or just opt to cut down, it's such a great option...  after cooking with a gluten sensitive gal all summer, I know how excited people get about gluten free options.  I've done my share of quests to neighboring towns in search of gluten-free bread!

The pies and quiches come in 9" (1 per package) for $18.00 and 5" crusts (2 per package) for $11.50.  They can be purchased through our add-ons section, or you can go see Heather yourself at the Wolfville Market!  There are a ton of flavours, so check our add-ons page for current availability.


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