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Staple Shares

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This is a TapRoot Staple Share. We wanted you to see what it looks like, and to tell you more about it!

Staple Share

Staple Shares are $12 per week, and contain apples, onions, potatoes, and carrots (the "staples"!). They are great as an add-on if you have extra company coming and want to beef up your veggie box, or if you have a lot of veggie eaters in your household and need some additional weekly goodies.

However, the main use that we envision for the staple share is to make local food accessible to more folks.  Maybe the type of folks who don't want the unpredictability (we say "challenge"!) of a regular CSA share, but those who still value eating local produce, at a totally affordable rate.  A staple share with delivery runs $750.00 for the whole year.  Imagine the difference that could make to the amount of local food consumed in a household. 

So, if you know of someone who would make good use of a staple share, refer them to us and get a special bonus in your own box. 

If you are feeling particularly generous, consider donating a staple share to a family in need (that you know, or whom we can find).

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