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Waste Management Update - Sept. 29 to Oct. 12

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Happy Curbside Pickup Day! 

As many of you know, today is Fall Clean Up day in Port Williams, and we are doing out best! We have maximized our curbside pick up with 16 bags every 2 weeks and averaging 4-5 bags at all our other locations. I am happy to report that we have a maximum of 8 garbage bags at our office location, and we are only using about 4-6 bags of that 8 bag limit as garbage, the rest are sorted and recycled. The Jamaican worker's houses had the least amount of garbage out of all of us with less than half a bag of garbage for 2 FULL HOUSES! Which brings me to this: 

I know that probably looks yucky to those of you who may not know what it is, but this makes me so excited! This is the inside of our very EMPTY dumpster. Our dumpster has been empty now for a full 10 days. This means that all of our major wastes, and wastes from all the houses associated with the farm are being sorted. Although there is still about 1/3 of waste being generated that is garbage and destined for the landfill, we are sorting the rest out. We have 2/3 of our waste being sorted into recycling streams! We are hoping that our dumpster will become obsolete and we will need to have a recycling dumpster take it's place for cardboard, and maybe one for plastics!

Here are the totals so far of weights of diverted or separated waste on-farm (employee stations/other):

Garbage: 50.5kg (111.3lbs)

Recycling: 55.0kg (121.3lbs)

Paper: 25.6kg (56.4lbs)

Refundables: 6.2kg (13.7lbs)

TOTAL WASTE: 137.3kg (302.7lbs)

Other Waste News!

Energy Savings with Efficieny NS

We were very excited last week to have Efficiency NS stop in and have a look around our major work sites at our Canard address. They did and in-depth look at our warehouse and packing shed in regards to energy usage. One of the main reasons we had them on-site was our interest in solar panels, however we got a lot more information that we bargained for in terms of energy saving projects!


One small example is some of our more outdated light-bulbs. This new low-energy LED bulb was an old fluorescent light bulb less than a week ago! Now that it's getting darker in the mornings, the lights were being turned on, and left on. Partially because you could see a little better with them on, and partially because once it got bright enough, you could no longer see the lights due to how old the bulbs were. We simply replaced the light fixture, and put in a new bulb thanks to our handy-man Korey. This light is also bright enough that people are turning it off when it no longer needs to be on! There are several older halogen lamps, and fluorescent light bulbs around the warehouse and sheds that we will be replacing as we go along. Energy NS is also in the process of making a report for us that details more things we can do to save energy, and programs we can partake in to help keep our costs low in changing things over to more energy efficient alternatives.  

Confidential Paper Waste Trial

The office is a major source of paper waste, and most of it we can't put into our paper waste stream due to confidential information. We were shredding it, and we could have put it in the paper waste stream at that point, however we figured it could be used again for another purpose. After consulting with our farm safety consultant, we have added the shredded paper in our chicken coops as a bedding option for our chickens. 

We are careful to keep glossy paper, staples, plastic, and other problematic items out of the shredder, and we make sure our coops are cleaned so the damp paper isn't affecting our chicken health. This is mixed in with out current bedding as an added bulking item. It's not too hard to wash off the eggs, and the ink isn't transferable. It's helping us keep our bedding costs down as well, as we use less of it with the paper being added. It's a great 2-for-1 cost and waste reduction item! It's working well so far!

Thank you for checking in with us, we will have more news on the next Curbside Pick-up Day!


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