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Week 23: TapRoot CSA

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Joining a CSA is about more than food. It is about building a trusting relationship together. Each week we send out a newsletter to  CSA members. This newsletter is intended to keep members informed of what the 'day to day' or 'week to week' activity is on the farm. Join us on the farm, become a member today.  

Hello CSA Members.

We are nearing the 1/2 way mark in our year together. Some of you will be leaving the CSA, some joining and some of you carrying right on along. We have lots of space so please feel free to continue to share your experience.

Josh is coming home most evenings now with reports of how the crops are looking. The kale and swiss chard and lettuce is sizing up and we think next week we will have some fresh kale and or swiss chard in the shares. 

This week I have been learning some new tricks with posting things. It is truly amazing how quickly one can become outdated. Colleen who is interning at the farm is savvy with social media and has provided me with some useful tips. One things we discussed is the use of hashtags. I would like to invite everyone to make a post about a reason they participate in the CSA and use the hashtag #5reasonstojoinacsa. This hashtag is 'ours' so if we all use it then we can populate it and make it more useful. 

Ben who is the summer coop student from Acadia has also created a campaign to build awareness of the farm via a facebook contest to get people to share and like our page. He is also planning a fun run at the farm something this summer or fall. More to come. 

This summer we are having one Jamaican jerk pork roast and one Jamaican independence day celebration, both on August 5th. The dinner will start at 1 PM and the celebration begins at 4 PM. To learn more or get tickets check out www.foodeast.ca . We have confirm the Mark Riley Project Bandfor the afternoon celebration. Tickets for the dinner are $57 (includes the late afternoon celebration) and for the evening event $25. The idea is to come with a big picnic blanket, enjoy great food, great company, & fantastic music for an afternoon of relaxing and enjoying the farm.

A few other thoughts and considerations:

Our meat shares and full monty shares were fewer in numbers than we were planning for the first 24 weeks of 2018 therefore we have meat inventory. Before we work to sell it elsewhere, we thought we would ask you if you'd be interested in purchasing a box of meat (chicken and pork) or have regular weekly add on's of meat items. You are already able to add a meat share on each week if you wish, this would be in addition to that. I will add some options, so look for them in the add on section. IF you have suggestion please share them with me. Moving some of the meat inventory without impacting our meat share members would certainly be helpful. We have reduced the amount of chicks we are raising to balance out with the number of shares we have sold. AND thank you for helping to build awareness and spread the word about the shares being available. 

In the shares this week you were provided a bunch of tatsoi that wasn't listed. It is used in the mixed spicy greens, but when it grows up nice and tall it is also good bunched and can be eaten raw or in soup, pasta or sauteed. My favourite meal is sauteed veggies I use just oil, salt, pepper and veggies. This week we made purple top turnip carabinara sauce. I sauteed chives and sliced purple top turnips. Added some TapRoot deli ham and let it cook up together. Then Frank mixed the two egg yolks and the two eggs together with some parmesan cheese. I mixed the veggies with the noodles then added the egg and cheese and stirred together. WOW YUM! Everyone was happy! Noodles + Veggies! 

Have a fantastic rest of your week everyone! Three of the TapRoot team were at a conference these first 4 days of the week so I was coverting for three people as best I could. I will be posting the shares this afternoon. Next week look forward to a big load of staples. The cooler still has a lot of potatoes and onions. We will share these with you along with some sprigs of fresh greens. 

Good health and love to you all, 



(in the images: tomato tunnels looking great. we have yet to lay out the straw for mulching between the rows, some of the team were weeding the next plantings of spinach, and these apples have seen better days (frost damaged). 


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