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Week 42 Meat Share

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Meat share:

TapRoot Sausages - 1 package ($10.00)
TapRoot Deli Ham - 1 package ($8.50)

Monty Meat Share:

Chicken Breast - 1 package ($19.53


Tales from the barnyard:

There are more new piglets. There are now more than thirty six piglets running around the barn at various ages. The two sows that had piglets last week are sharing the seventeen piglets between the two of them. Yesterday when we peeked into their stall, all the piglets except one were snuggled up together to one mama, and there was just one with the other sow. They like to pile up together to keep cozy and warm. Then one mother will roll over so the piglets cannot nurse anymore and they will all make their way to the other mama. These piglets are getting very pudgy very quickly.

The pigs are currently being treated with an abundance of mouth-watering Honeycrisp apples! These apples are culls from Noggins Farm's dried apple chip production. The pigs go crazy for them! Even the piglets get caught up in the excitement and gobble them up.




This potato and sausage pie uses sausage, but you could also use your ground pork if you still have it in your freezer. Just spice up the pork a bit first. To use your sausages, let them thaw then break open the casings.


Hope you have a great week!


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