2014 Sackville Location

Hi folks!

Thanks for patiently waiting to hear where the 2014 Sackville location will be! 

I have been in touch with a few people and have a couple of options for pickup spots for Sackville: 

I am wanting to firm this up by the end of next week, and so I am curious if any members have any strong feelings either way?  I am leaning towards the church option, as there is a parking lot as well as a venue to donate shares to. 

Please let me know if this will not work for you, and if not, if you have any suggestions that would work better.  Also, if you have any feedback at all please pass it on.  :)

Will confirm as soon as possible after this is sorted out, Thanks!

Teri Dillon
farm (902) 542-3277
cell (902) 698-9759
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