2015/16 Fall River and Emma's location Update

Hello Members at both Emma's Eatery and Fall River,

I have been in communication with Sarah who runs Off Beet Farms. She and her partner Jamie have launched a CSA and they are serving your area.

At TapRoot we have a philosophy of fostering farming and doing all we can to support localized agriculture. We believe that localization is one way we will all be able to experience resiliency in your communities, especially our rural communities.

For this reason we wish to support Sarah and her partner in reaching their CSA goals and support them in building their local network. We have discussed with them working with them to offer a version of TapRoot along side their CSA offering, until such time as they have their production fully underway.

For these reasons, we, TapRoot are taking a risk (we think for the good of your community) in not offering the Fall River and Emma's location in our CSA offering that we will be launching soon.

In the near future Sarah and Jamie will have their offering ready. We will not leave you hanging!!! If Jamie and Sarah decide to take on the full year CSA with our support, then you will all be connected to fruit, veggies, meat and eggs. If they decided not to offer a full year CSA, then we will respond and make your CSA possible again for another year. (don't worry about meat and eggs selling out, we will ensure you get them if you want them)

Just so we are all clear, this decision comes from us knowing that Jamie and Sarah are working to make a livelihood from farming in their community and we wish to support that as much as we can. I have explained to Sarah that we will support them in whatever way works best, they offer a TapRoot CSA box year round but they administer it, OR they purchase wholesale from TapRoot and create their own shares based on what they have on their farm and was is available on our farm. We don't know how it will look just yet.

If you can, please be patient, we will ensure you have a weekly source of local farm goodness one way or another. And we will have something sorted out by the end of February for sure.

For now, let us wait until Sarah and Jamie have a chance to do their yearly planning.

Thank you!

Happy New Year!