2017 TapRoot CSA starts Monday


New CSA Season Starts Monday ~ Our 9th Year!

Peashoots growing, you can look forward to some on week 3!

Good Afternoon to both new and experienced CSA Members,

We are excited to be starting a new season on Monday the 16th of January with you.  

This e-mail contains much of the important information that you will need to know for your first CSA pick up to go smoothly. It is a bit long, but please do take the time to read it. I promise they will be shorter for the rest of the year!

Please review this with everyone who will be collecting your TapRoot shares:

Welcome to the farm where we will share this growing season together - the ups, the downs, the excitement, the challenges, the bounty and the failures. The farm is open to you at any time. Anytime you are in the area, feel free to swing in, go for a walk around the ponds, check in the greenhouse, or watch the pigs, chickens, cattle, ducks and goats graze around the fields. The two farm locations are 1736 Church Street and 451 Canard Street. Check out the events section of the website for organized events that bring us all together at the farm! Check out our webpage for more details. We hope to see you on the farm. 

The Burkshire pigs enjoying some winter wheat

Our motto is "from our hands to your hands" and we mean it. Here at the farm there are people who are working hard each day to bring you food. We deeply value people and the role they play in our food production and community. In joining the TapRoot CSA you too are sharing in this value of creating meaningful employment here. That is just one of the values that we now share together.

Happy January. Happy CSA start. Happy eating.

To a new year!


on behalf of Patricia, Josh, and the whole TapRoot team.

Most of the crew at one of our weekly meetings.

Patricia's e-mail from the first of January for those who didn't register until after.

Happy New Year to you all. 

Welcome new and returning CSA members for a new year of food from the farm. The veggies and fruit you will receive have been planned for (we are doing the planning this week and next week), seeded, watered, transplanted, weeded, protected from pests, encouraged with smiles, harvested, washed, bunched, bagged, placed in share boxes and delivered to you. Our many hands here at TapRoot carefully tend the soil and the vegetables and fruit for us to have to share with you in our relationship, the CSA. We are looking forward a great year with you. 

Over the years we have learned a lot and each year we learn more.  Your feedback is critical to us as it is how we adapt and change to meet your needs. It is also important for you to become aware of our realities so you too can adapt and change based on what is happening on the farm.  This is the sharing part. It is far more than we grow and you pay. It is about establishing a respectful relationship where we learn/ grow/adapt/evolve/celebrate together.

Each week we will send out an email. It will be brief, but contains information about your share, recipe idea(s), notes from the farm and in some cases important messages. If you notice you are not getting the emails please check your spam folder or check in with us to ensure we have your correct email address.  For the first couple of weeks you may get a few emails as we settle into the year. 

Josh and I have created a tentative plan of what we are thinking will be in the shares each week for the year. (click here) This is a template not a certainty. It is so we can plan for the growing year and in the next week order seeds. Feel free to forward us suggestions, comments and considerations.  I have created a blog post with the links to the four spreadsheets for you to review if you wish. Part of the challenge in planning for the CSA is getting it right regarding how often members will want specific items, ie. Kale. I can't get enough kale because we use it all the time in everything, but it is at the top of  the complaint list in CSA nation wide surveys. Our members number one complaint is too much cabbage. For those of you who would like to know 'the plan', take a look at what we have tentatively planned so far. Email or facebook post us on what you think. Remember, that this year for the winter months the vegetable share offered is smaller (if you are use to a large size) and add on's will be available for those who need more. We will see how it works out and would again, appreciate your advice on how it is going. 

Important Dates:

Important Info:

Have a great rest of your week!


ps. more specific details to come later.

pps. We try to keep facebook current with farm activities. https://www.facebook.com/TaprootfarmsCSA/?ref=bookmarks

Your farm - the little piece is the farm on Church street, and the rest is here in Canard.