4 things

Hello All,

1) we just harvested some broccoli. I have added it to the add on's - you can order one head (under vegetable section) or a case (under bulk purchasing option), if you wish to blanch and freeze it. There are not enough for everyone to have one in the shares so we will make it available this way. When it is ready, it is ready. 

2) for anyone picking up at Noggins in Alderney, Sante, Greenwich or Seaport - if you could please come on the day of pickup that would be most helpful. If you do forget, go ahead and get it the next day. At Alderney the cooler space is very small. If you are able to come during the 12 - 1 pickup from the van that will significantly reduce the demands on their cooler space. (maybe a later pickup window would be more ideal for everyone??) For anyone picking up at Dinah's - if you do not show in the 45 minutes pickup window I will leave it there for you to collect by 4 PM. 

3) We have more hens arriving in August. The current hens have cut back laying, a hot summer strike I guess. It will be a few weeks before the new hens, once they arrive start laying in numbers. SO...to continue providing you with eggs we are sourcing from other local hen & egg farmers to provide enough eggs for our egg share members. Sorry for this inconvenience. The other hens are free range but are most likely eating gmo grains. If you wish to not receive these eggs as a substitution please let me know and we will make a plan together.  Thanks! 

4) I have also added sweet cherries in 20 lb bulk purchase option - if you wish to freeze or process them now is the time. 



Recap of the Alderney Pickup: The shares will arrive by 12 PM. We will have pick-up from the Van between 12 PM and 1 PM. We are planning this will take place near the loading doors by the entrance to the NSLC.  If the van is not allowed to stay parked there then we will have pick-up from the trolley in the same spot, in the shade of the building. After 1 PM we will move the remaining food boxes into the Noggins Market for you to collect anytime before they close. It is ideal for you to collect on the day of delivery so they have the space in their cooler but also so you have the freshest possible food.