A few things to review please

An April 10th Update

Newsletter Agenda:

Community Garden:

We have decided to make space available on the farm for anyone who wishes to have a garden. We want to provide people with an opportunity for success growing food by providing supports in the form of a community of people, water, fertility, pest control, seedlings, shared tools and tool shed, learning sessions, sharing of advice, etc. 

When Josh came home from the UN Committee on World Food Security meetings in October 2018 he had a clear vision and passion to do more, for our farm to do more. Franklin has volunteered to help create the garden space in terms of design and will be gardening there. See his design below. 

If you or anyone you know would like to have a garden here on the farm, please follow the link and plan to join us on the farm on April 22 for garden intro dayhttp://taprootfarms.ca/zerohunger/#garden

Recipe Blog:

Kim is working at keeping our new TapRoot Farms website recipe blog active. I hope you are able to visit the blog to see what she has to offer for advice and ideas. Her food is AMAZING and I often wish I could live at her house for meal times. Kim knows the farm well and has her own small farm and small business making sauces, specializing in hot sauce. I am so thankful she is willing to do this for us all. Here is her recent post. http://taprootfarms.ca/2019/04/food-thoughts-farming/


Are any of you interested in TapRoot learning more about texting options. Josh and I are very particular about texts as we use our phones for work so we don't want much of anything else to be coming in via the texting. It bugs us both to get 'chocolate bar fundraiser' texts from the school when we feel it should be used for 'early dismissal' texts. HOWEVER, I have wondered if it might be useful for CSA members.  What do you think? Would you like us to use a texting service to send out important messages - like - van is running late? OR would you like more from us via text? Thoughts? 

Mark Your Calendars:

The team at TapRoot, this time led by Brogan, has come up with a list of activities/events for this year. We'd love to see you out here to the farm as often as possible. So please mark your calendars for the events listed below. We will send a post card out to you soon. 

Farm Stay at Guest House Time Share Draw Idea:

As I already shared with you, the idea is to make the farm stay we call Swallows Nest available to 20 people or groups of people over the 20 weeks as shown in this calendar. It is ideal for us, if we could do it, because we would have 20 secure bookings. The idea is to have 20 names put into a hat and we draw the weeks that you will get. In exchange for this randomness, there is a discounted price for a week rental. There are 6 people signed in already. Are there 14 more? Please feel free to share with friends and family. There is a facebook page for the guest house if you'd like to see pictures. The details are $750 for up to 6 people at a time, I am thinking arrival Friday 5 PM to departure Friday 10 AM works. Originally I thought Sunday to Saturday but then you don't get a full weekend. If we offer Friday to Friday then you get 7 nights and full weekend. Then we would come clean from 10 AM - 3 PM and be set for 5 PM arrival. 

Coming to the farm is such a treat. It is really quiet and beautiful. You can walk the farm, harvest food (if before December depending on the weather), enjoy the ponds and you are in walking distance (10-30 minutes depending) to wineries, breweries, The Noodle Guy, The Port Pub, and Fox Hill gelato. The house has wifi (not as fast as the city, but still faster than dial up) and books. I am thinking we will leave this option open until April 30th.   https://www.facebook.com/TaprootFarmstays/

Have a great day! 

I am running off to take Frank to the dentist. It is a weekly Wednesday date for a few weeks. Lots of other farm task work is happening but I will have to update you on that later. Got to run. 

Talk soon,