A note on your carrots today!


I just ran in from cleaning up after share making to send a quick note on the carrots today.  They are the last of our organic TapRoot carrots and unfortunately they got some wireworm damage from the field they were grown in.  We have sorted them and you are getting the best of what there was left.  We have had to buy in organic carrots from PEI for the rest of the week's shares as our supply has now run out.

If you are new to the CSA, I didn't want you to be alarmed by a few mostly superficial marks on the carrots.  This is one of those times where you are getting the product of a real farm dealing with all the things that can go wrong in farming.  The carrots are delicious (I have been snacking on them all day) and the black spots won't hurt you- most of it should peel right off.  I personally put them in your shares and I was generous, you are getting more than what was promised, to make up for any loss in trimming them.  In fact, I think you're lucky, as-- I may be a bit biased here-- but I think our carrots taste better than what the members the rest of the week are getting!

So, if you can cut around and carry on, I hope you still enjoy the last of the year's carrots!  The new ones are not even in the ground yet, and so a long ways off.

Enjoy your first shares, and Happy Anniversary if you are a returning member!


Teri Dillon
CSA Team Lead

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