Add on's

Good Day CSA members,

Just three things about add on's.....

1. We have Organic Strawberries listed now as an add on. You can order one quart or 8 for freezing. :)) This is the first time for us to have organic berries at TapRoot.

2. Also, we have reduced the price on the kids t-shirts and oneies in hopes to move them off the shelf. Lesson learned - we are in the business of food not clothes. We just thought they would be really fun. They are listed as add on's too. The sizes run small so if you want a size 2 I'd get a size 4.

3. And finally, Hannah Minzloff has created lovely greeting cards of images from TapRoot. You can share the farm through images.  Purchasing the cards supports the Ribbon to the Future work and the artist, Hannah.

Thanks a bunch everyone!

Things are dry on the farm. Do a rain dance for the plants please:))