Addressing the abundance of chicken

Hello Full Monty and Meat Share members,

We have started to get a few e-mail so I wanted to touch base about the amount of chicken you've been getting in your shares. We've had a gap in our production of pork and other animals, and to avoid having to buy in meat from other farms we are having to use what we have already grown, which is a lot of chicken.

Starting mid January we will have a steady supply of pork again, and in February you can look forward to beef.

We can understand that this can be a bit trying, and we are working to get a variety back in the shares, but when working with live animals, change takes time.

Check out this weeks Meat Share Blog for lots of different ways to use your whole chicken, including how to cut a whole chicken into pieces, simple crock pot recipes, blogs about cooking chicken and Jamie Oliver's, apparently, best ever milk chicken recipe. 

Thank you for your understanding and rolling with the up and downs of the season,

Your meat share team