Afishionado fish available on add on's

Sustainable Maritime Fish to your next pick up!

All available in 8oz portions,

individually quick frozen to maintain peak freshness.

Hook and line Haddock - $7.25 (Digby, NS)

Hook and line Pollock - $5.50 (Digby, NS)

Land raised Sustainable Blue Salmon - $12.25 (Center Burlington, NS)

Land Raised Arctic Char - $10.75 (Shippagan, NB)


Afishionado is dedicated to bringing the fishing traditions of Nova Scotia back to the plates of consumers and, as much as possible, maintaining close relationships with those who catch the fish, while fostering a fair, transparent and sustainable exchange of seafood in the province. Opened by fish-lover and proud Nova Scotian Hana Nelson in August, 2014, Afishionado is a community-minded fishmonger.


Available at all delivery locations


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