Animal and Meat Update

Good Morning CSA Meat share members:

I just wanted to send along a note about where things are at with the animals and the meat. The animals are looking great and finally our vision of having animals as an important and active role in our production system is now taking shape. More fences up, more animals on new fields, more rotating. We are however in a bit of a predicament with regards to meat inventory because we have not been able to get any beef or pigs into the abattoir

There is a lack of infrastructure for small scale animal producers to get their animals processed. There is also a resurgence of people raising their own animals for meat. The resurgence has meant there has been a run on the abattoir this fall, creating a logistical challenge for the few remaining abattoirs in the province. All this to say, we were not able to get any appointments this fall. We have appointments for 5 pigs December 30 and the next appointment is January 20. We are going to be booking months in advance now so we can be sure to have an inventory of meat. This is the first time this has happened! 

This is the reason your shares have been a lot more chicken than pork or beef in the past few weeks. 

This coming week will be chicken (thighs and breast) and ground beef. We are completely out of pork until early January when we get the December 30 pork back from the butcher. 

I do hope you are enjoying the chicken and if the balance has been a bit off lately please do accept our apologies. This is the reason why.

Take care and many thanks,