Annoouncing the new Sackville Location: 68 Saratoga Drive

Hi folks,

It was so great to see all your faces last night!  I love when I can meet members in person, so I was glad to get a chance this week!  Good chats... Hope your shares are wonderful! :)

Pretty sure I was able to tell all of you this personally last night in between my barrage of phone calls!  We cannot use the Baptist church as the place where we will have to leave the shares is not appropriate for all seasons, and the path to the church is too long (I failed to scout it in advance and that is my fault, apologies!) as well as the neighbour being annoyed by our presence.  So, next week and the rest of the year the pickup will be at a current member's house, Sorcha Parker, on 68 Saratoga Drive.  I went by tonight after the pickup and it is a great spot, with shelter from the snow and rain if needed.  Sorcha says:

 People can park wherever they like, the street, our driveway, we're not fussy. Our neighbours are fairly friendly so I can't imagine anyone being bothered, but most people actually just use the intersection of Spinner and Saratoga when they need to turn around. And actually both Spinner, Saratoga & Sampson will all take you right back to pretty much whichever direction they go they could get out of the neighbourhood!
I snapped a photo of the house to help make it easier for you (and Jem) to find it.  -->
Thanks so much for your patience, and bearing with us as we get things sorted out.\
Let me know if you have any questions/comments/feedback, etc!
Teri Dillon
CSA Team Lead

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