April 19 Farm Update

Welcome Monday April 19th 2021. 

Oh dear CSA members, thank you so much for being accommodating last week. Josh and I had a fabulous time away for a few days. Mostly it was incredibly restful. 

AND your thoughtful gifts (bottle of Nova 7 thank you Dana and Bruce and organic red and lovely card thank you Franklyn and Judy) were very much appreciated as we watched the waves tumble upon the rocks. Thank you for your many emails of well wishes. We really have felt cared for these past 7 days. 

While we were gone Babo, Chris and Courtney finished their quarantine and were back to work on Thursday morning. Already tunnels are up, potatoes, peas, carrots, beets, radish, mixed greens, and spinach are planted. Bins that had compost in them from the winter of washing and trimming veggies have been dumped, manure spread, fields cultivated, apple scab susceptible varieties sprayed. We got home on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday we all took on the day with many hands making so many things happen. It feels great.  Today Cocotea, Patrick, Linden, Martel, Kingsley, Mark, and Bolo have boarded a plane for Halifax. They will begin their two weeks isolating this evening. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it will feel very nice to have our full farm team back together and safe.  It has been a stressful time to travel for work with so much uncertainty. The uncertainty is hard for everyone. I feel so thankful to be living and working right here in Nova Scotia.  

In other farm news: 

I have added spinach, nettles, cucumbers, and tomatoes to the add on list. The cukes and tomatoes are from den Haans. The spinach and nettles are from us. 

The sheep started lambing the day before we left. We were so concerned they would all lamb while we were away which would not have been fair to Tim. BUT they did wait, except for one, and we now have 8 lambs. There are still a few more to lamb yet. The sheep shearer will be here we think on Saturday depending on the weather. That is good because Sara has been spinning up a storm at the spinning mill. She has all of our wool spun and all of the flax spun. The timing is perfect for more wool to process into One Sheep, One Fleece, One Yarn lots. Sara has also been purchasing 

dyes from Vibrant Acres. They grown 

dyes in the Annapolis Valley. The other day I went to my moms and she was excited to show me the yarn she purchased from our mill. She loved the colours Sara is creating. That was a neat feeling. 

A reminder of the bad apple policy. I got  one bad apple report from the red delicious. I do hope no one else had rotten apples on the 7th. If you did, please don't let it pass by, please email and tell me. We will deliver a replacement to you. Usually if there is one, there are two. It is not our intention for this to happen. In fact, we find it quite upsetting! ALSO quite alarming is that when I opened my CSA box, one of the apples had been enjoyed by a mouse. I have called the rodent patrol but if that happens to you, please also let me know so we can make it right (it is so gross). They seem to love apples and pears more than cabbage and rutabaga. Interesting eh? 

It is time for me to head out - run to the accountants office, pick-up a Piece Meal box (Josh and I are talking with Kara about having a Piece Meal/TapRoot partnership in the weeks ahead) and then drive Lily to tutor and Frank to basketball.  It is an adventure! 

I just want to also say, how wonderful it is to work with such amazing staff year round. Katelyn, Tim, Bob, Betty, Malcolm and now also Leigh (started a few weeks ago) do their jobs so well. They know what needs doing and they go about doing it. It felt good to step away from the farm for a few days, 

knowing that they all would keep things moving forward. AND now of course as I mentioned above more of the team is here. Thankful! 

Thinking of you all! 

In gratitude,


(your rested middle aged woman farmer)