August 12 TapRoot Farms 2014 CSA Newsletter


Here I am sitting down to finish the newsletter after an all-hands-on-deck-TapRoot-Team one hour garlic harvest-- the sweet-savoury smell of garlic still clinging (along with some dirt) to my hands.  Heaven!  So nice to spend some time out in the fields with the great crew we work with.  There's a video Patricia just posted on our facebook page if you're interested!

Here's a photo of an enthusiastic garlic harvester at last weekend's successful garlic harvest weekend -->  Farmer in the making!


TapRoot Meat Share Week 10

Welcome to the tenth week of the 2014/2015 TapRoot Meat Share!

This week your share contains:

1 Whole Chicken from TapRoot Farms

1 Chicken Leg Quarter from TapRoot Farms

1 Ham or Shoulder Roast from TapRoot Farms

1 pack of Honey Mustard Sausages from Salmontail River Farm

Cost Breakdown of your share:

1 Whole Chicken @ $4.50/lb, average 2.3lbs                        $10.35       

1 Chicken Leg Quarter @ $4.90/lb, average 1lb             $4.90

1 Ham or Shoulder Roast @ $5.50/lb average 2.5 lbs     $13.75

1lb pack Honey Mustard Sausage @ $8.00/ pack            $8.00

                                                                  Total:        $37.00

This week you're receiving a whole chicken as well as one chicken leg quarter from our chickens here at TapRoot Farms. You'll also be receiving, for the first time this summer, a ham or a shoulder roast from our TapRoot pigs. And everyone's favorite, more sausages from Salmontail River Farm! This week your sausages are Honey Mustard English Style. Used with ground pork from our TapRoot pigs, Helen at Salmontail River Farm uses water, honey, wholegrain mustard, wheat rusk, and salt and pepper to create these delicious treats. Enjoy!

Animal Update:

Our animals continue to enjoy being outside in this lovely summertime weather. It's such a nice season for them to get out and stretch their legs and wings, while scratching in the earth for grubs and tasty plants. Hard to beat outdoor, free range grazing spaces!

Best photo of the week: Teri taking a selfie with Pink Lady who was happily munching away on Teri and Jon's scrumptious salad greens. Pink Lady-approved!


Faces of the Farm: Meet the TapRoot Team who grow your food!

After a brief hiatus, our summer series continues!  This week:

Meet Burton   |   Meet Jon   |   Meet Jocelyn   |   Meet Josh   |   Meet Meagan

Next Farm Event: Corn Boil, Sunday August 24 at Noon.

Mark your calendars!  Next weekend, join us for a corn boil at 12 pm at 1736 Church Street.  More details to follow soon!

Guide to Curing Garlic

This week in the veggie share we are sending along some fresh garlic, which you can use up within a few weeks, OR you can choose to cure it yourself at home.  There is so much in the field that we worry about having enough space and resources to cure it all, so we thought in true CSA fashion this would be an opportunity for members to learn more about garlic and share some of the task of curing with the farm.

The garlic in your share this week has not been washed, which is an important step in terms of you having the option to cure it at home. Basically, all you need to do is tie and hang the heads in a dry, shady, well-ventilated area (OR, you can even lay them out one by one)  The kitchen is not an ideal place, but a well-ventilated porch or garage or shady area outside will do (& bonus if you are trying to keep stray vampires out of your yard!).

After a month (up to two months if it is very humid), the roots of the garlic will be stiff and the stem and head completely dry, and the garlic can be moved to a garlic keeping crock (if you have one), or a cool, dry, dark place, for winter use.  Depending on how well it is cured, the garlic can keep up to six months.

Make sure the heads are separated like in the photo to the right of the one below, to allow the most airflow possible.

 Here's more info and a link with more detailed instructions and explanations, for those of you who are very interested: Read More

Recipes: Welcome to Peach Season!

Meagan saw that there were peaches coming in this week's fruit shares, and she told me about this great peach cobbler recipe that she has:

Skillet Fruit Cobbler

Simmer for ten minutes in an oven safe skillet, remove and keep in a bowl.

Melt butter in the skillet, add the rest of the ingredients and stir
until well combined. Carefully place fruit evenly over batter and pour
any remaining syrup over. Bake about 40 minutes or until evenly
browned at 350.

And, while I'm at it, here's one of my favourite things to do with peaches - Barbecue them!  Here's a recipe, I don't usually follow one as they are good just straight off the grill with ice cream, but cinnamon sugar butter sounds divine!

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Sugar Butter - Bobby Flay

Happy Peaching!

<-- Some fine folks enjoying The Noodle Guy pasta lunch last Sunday at the farm.  It was DELICIOUS and a lot of fun!

Hope you are having a great summer, and enjoying every moment.  Lastly wanted to share some words from a member that have really resonated with me this week:

"I have done everything right - avoided chemical exposure of all kinds, eaten good food, exercised and avoided stress - but I got hit with a life-changing disease anyway. As you know from Josh's illness, you never know what will happen tomorrow. Make the most of every single day. If you do you will have those days to savour when the going gets tough."

Make every moment count this summer.  Thanks for being such an important part of our farm!

Take good care,

--The TapRoot Team