August 19 TapRoot Farms 2014 CSA Newsletter

Hello Members!

Hard to believe it is over halfway through August already.  We love this time of year on the farm: it's a hard time of year because things are so busy, but it's a wonderful sight to see all the gorgeous produce coming in from the fields and shipping out in your boxes.  Each week now is a careful exercise in what we call "shares tetris", where we try to fit so many things in the boxes that they need to be stacked a very specific way to make room for everything!

Tim C. says he has been looking forward to this week since last year.  This week every single member gets a mini-bouquet of flowers as a special Thank You from the farm.  Here's a photo of Tim, in his usual work space-- Surrounded by gorgeous flowers!  I just asked Tim to tell me in 10 words or less why he loves flowers, his reply: "I like that they are unnecessary- they are just beautiful, and that's enough" (13 words, but close enough!).

Some Harvard research has discovered:

  1. Flowers will help you feel more compassion and kindness towards others.
  2. Flowers can chase away anxiety and feelings of negativity.
  3. Flowers can boost energy, happiness and enthusiasm when they are present in the home.

We hope the flowers make you feel a little happier and brighter this week than usual!



Corn Boil and Blueberry Grunt - Sunday August 24

12 Noon Sunday August 24 - 1736 Church Street - view the event on Facebook for more info

Monday August 18 - TapRoot Van Breakdown

As I was driving back from the city yesterday I was thinking I should write a blog post about the day to give you a little insight as to what kind of things can happen and how we problem solve them on the farm.

Yesterday Jem and I and the Blue Team from Applewick's were making shares in the warehouse.  Meagan was right on schedule and left the farm at about 2:30.  At 2:58, my cell phone rang.  It was Meagan, saying the van had no power and she was pulled over on the the on ramp to the highway.  I immediately dropped what I was doing and gave Patricia a heads up and then called Andrew Bishop at Noggins to see what vehicles we could borrow.  Andrew is Patricia's dad, and he's an efficiency expert and great problem solver.  While I sorted that out, Meagan called our mechanic to see if they had any advice and then our wholesale delivery that we do on the way to reschedule it for the drive home (saving us some time on the way there).  Meagan was stuck at exit 11, only a couple kms away from Noggins, and so Andrew dropped whatever he was doing and headed over with the truck and trailer.

After popping in the office to send a quick email and facebook message to the Monday Hawthorn members, anticipating that we would likely be late for the CSA pickup, Patricia and I headed over at 3:10 to meet Meagan.  By the time we arrived, Andrew and the two guys he brought with him had nearly everything (shares, flowers, eggs, wholesale order, add ons) neatly loaded into the trailer.  We had to switch drivers as Meagan has never driven the Noggins trailer before, so I grabbed the list from Meagan and was moving on the road again at 3:29 pm.  As I found out, Hawthorn is exactly 61 minutes away from Exit 11, and I pulled up right on the nose of 4:30 pm, the start of the pickup!  (Click here to read more)

Summer Pickling - By Meagan

I can probably count the number of times we had store-bought jam, pickles or salsa in the fridge in my house growing up on one hand; every summer my family (just my mother and I as I got older and more interested in food preservation, and my brother got less interested) would go picking a variety of berries - strawberries and raspberries mostly - and and then make dozens of jars of jam both to eat and give away. When we moved into a house with a yard that allowed for it we started growing tomatoes, cucumbers, dill and (for the first time this year!) garlic for making our own homemade pickles and salsa. Since becoming an employee of TapRoot and after not being able to garden at all this year save for a small flower box and grow bag of tomatoes, I decided to do my pickling with produce from our lovely farm :).

This year at TapRoot we currently have two different pickling packs available (for dilly beans or cucumbers, as well as bulk cucumbers for bread and butter pickles) and hopefully more variety coming soon! I got myself one of each of the pickling packs and grabbed a couple of zukes and carrots that I had in my fridge from the weeks shares to make a couple jars of "mixed" pickles.

First assemble all your ingredients, I used:
*These are all optional - I wanted to make some pretty mixed pickle jars for Christmas gifts*
Next we sanitized the jars

There's a couple ways to sanitize your jars... (Click here to read more)

Available in the Add Ons/Products Section

Popular Items:

Cucumber Recipes

I expressed some concern over the dozen or so cucumbers in my crisper at home right now, and asked everyone yesterday while we were making shares to give me some suggestions.  Here they are, my favourite being a simple sliced cucumber served with salt and vinegar-- Sounds like this is a pretty common way to enjoy them around here: I had no idea!  Reaching out for recipes always yields some gems and good tips!

Cucumbers are abundant and delicious right now, here's some ideas for them:

Cucumber Blueberry Smoothie - From Jem

Crispy Cucumbers and Tomatoes in Dill Dressing - From Jem

Tangy, Refreshing, Salt and Vinegar Cucumbers - Suggested by Trish and Ronnie

Easy Tzatziki Recipe - Suggested by Meagan

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, August 17, 2014 - Saturday, August 23, 2014

Veggie Share 2014

Egg Share 2014

Fruit Share 2014

Staple Share 2014

<-- Jon moves around a lot when working at the farm, and he finds it easiest to wear a Camelback backpack which has a built in water pack and a cord for easy hydration on the go.  Frank is enthralled by this and so for his 7th birthday this summer he asked for one.  Josh has now found it useful for carrying his IV bag, which is still connected at all times through a line in his right arm.  What a trooper!  Josh is still doing well, but the recovery road is long, and we expect he will still be out for a while.

Hope you have a great week, and we'd love to see you Sunday at the Corn Boil and Blueberry Grunt event!!

--The TapRoot Team