Bad Apples!

Hello everyone!

It's come to our attention that the Ambrosia apples in the fruit share this week are not up to par.  They have recently come out of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage, and are not holding up.  There is some internal browning, as well as exterior cracking and some rot, which is appearing very suddenly.  Unfortunately this is a big loss for Noggins Corner Farm, as there are about 50 bins that appear to be affected, and will have to be made into juice instead of being sold as delicious ready-to-eat Ambrosias.

Thanks to some emails from members, we are able to stop the flow of Ambrosias for the remainder of the week (if you have a Thursday or Saturday delivery, you will be receiving Crispin apples instead). 

For those of you who received Ambrosias on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, we will be sending along some extra apples next week in all the fruit shares to make up for the anticipated loss that you will have from this week's share.

Please contact me if you feel that you need a full replacement (if all of your apples were unsatisfactory).

The TapRoot Team as well as the crew at Noggins apologize for this issue, and please feel free to email me if you have any comments or questions.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

Teri Dillon
farm (902) 542-3277
cell (902) 698-9759
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