Bulk Purchase Option - Maple Syrup

CSA Members,

Leanne from Hutchinson's reached out to ask if we are going offer the bulk purchase of maple syrup again this year. Many of you in the past have appreciated the bulk purchase option.....So here we go....This week we are offering the  3rd Maple Syrup bulk purchase. 

  1. Log in at TapRootfarms.ca
  2. Click on Bulk Purchase
  3. Order as many as you like.
  4. Orders this week Dec 1 -5 will be delivered on Dec 7 - 12.
  5. Orders next week Dec 7-12 will be delivered on Dec 14-21
  6. This provides enough time to tally the order and have one shipment each week from Leanne at Hutchinson's.

December 2015: This is our 3rd special bulk buy opportunity for Maple Syrup. 

We hope that by including members in the ordering we will be able to reach the minimum order of $1000 (40 bottles needed total) and pass along the savings to you also. If we can get 40 members to buy together we are able to offer them at $30.00!

This idea came up as a way provide benefits to CSA members of bulk purchase discounts along with supporting a local producer. (most retail locations the cost is around $37)

Please order this as an add-on by selecting how many you would like.

Any questions please email us at csa@taprootfarms.ca - Thanks a Bunch!